Woman Fakes Having Cancer ti Get an Abortion





Yikes. Lord have mercy.


Wow… just… wow. This is terrible, and disgusting, and enraging, and pitiable. What a broken, misguided woman…


God help us.


This woman is in need of a lot of prayer!


Just underscores the fact that she knew it was wrong.
Looked for an excuse and now she is shunned anyway.


I haven’t clicked the link but I don’t think I need to I get the idea from the title. I think rather than being so quick to judge we need to realise that sometimes horrendous crimes and sins stem from circumstances we can’t fully understand or empathise with but never the less they are still valid we don’t know what this lady went through to get to that point. What she did was wrong and sinful but she needs prayers probably even more than what we realise and not just for the reasons you all might me thinking.







An Arizona woman accused of faking a cancer diagnosis to get the state to pay for her late-term abortion was convicted of fraud and other charges Monday.

Read more: azcapitoltimes.com/news/2016/04/25/jury-convicts-arizona-woman-who-was-accused-of-faking-cancer/#ixzz46szdyLdx


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