Woman Gives Birth To Another Baby In An Effort To Save Older Daughter With Leukemia


A Chinese woman gave birth to a second child in an effort to save her older daughter, who is battling leukemia.

Zhao Linjun and her husband Pan Qilong decided to have another baby after their three-year-old daughter Pan Jing was diagnosed with the disease last year. They knew that the new baby’s chord blood could help save their daughter, so they made their now newborn son Bei Bei for the sole purpose of saving the young girl.



If they are living in China, I am surprised they were even able to have a second child. Prayers for all. God Bless, Memaw


The country’s notorious one-child law has been relaxed in recent years.



I wonder why (rhetorical question)?


Besides, I believe that rural people used to be allowed 2 children even before the relaxation.

The idea of having a child to become a marrow donor for a sick sibling, is not at all new. They probably even had genetic testing done in early pregnancy to establish suitability of the new child as a donor.


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