Woman gives birth to septuplets

Woman gives birth to septuplets! :eek:

Ghazala Khamis was still hospitalized after giving birth a day earlier to four boys and three girls. She said she is “very anxious to see them” and to breast-feed at least some of them.

“I saw them on TV. They are very cute,” she told The Associated Press from her hospital bed in the Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria.

“I am just waiting to hold them in my arms and breast-feed them,” she said in a weak voice. “I don’t know if I can do it to all, but I will try.”

Her husband and other relatives are brainstorming names, said Khamis, who took fertility drugs to conceive in an effort to produce a son. She is already the mother of three girls, ages 7 to 11.

The babies’ father is a farm worker who earns about $4 a day when he is employed, which is usually only a day or two each week, said Khamis’ brother, whose name is Khamis Khamis.

He said Egypt’s health minister had promised to give the babies free milk and diapers for two years, but the family was still worried about the long-term financial burden of feeding and taking care of 10 children.

“What they need most is a dwelling to live in. I hope the government will give them an apartment,” Khamis said.

That is absolutely amazing. Especially that all of them are alive.

There was a series on TV here for a while about multiple births and one of the mothers was carrying seven after fertility treatment. The doctors recommended removing some of the babies when they were little, but the mother suffered some bleeding and lost one. The parents then decided that they didn’t want to lose any more of their children and she carried the remaining six to about the same eight months. She was enormous. I don’t see how she could have walked anywhere. She would have needed a special sling to support her abdomen and even then, the weight of the six babies would have prevented her from doing much at all. They showed a follow-up at about 8 months old. The dad would deal with them first thing in the morning. I’ve never seen anyone change a nappy so fast. Then they had this really neat high chair, that was really a semi-circle table with six holes cut and baby seats inserted with another hole in the middle for dad to be able to feed all six babies at the same time. They also had a set of twins, 4 years older, and mom dealt with them in the morning so this was one busy family. When the babies first came home, both grandmas and a couple aunties lived in to help feed them all. I believe they received some kind of corporate sponsorships which helped them to pay for everything they needed cause their income surely didn’t cover everything.

I hope this couple get some kind of sponsorships to help pay for the things they’ll need for their kids. Milk and nappies will only go so far. Yes, they need a house and clothing and all sorts of things. May God be with them.

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