Woman giving the Body of Christ?

I heard that in a certain local church in Croatia a woman gave the Body of Christ. Though, I’m not sure who did the consecration of the bread. Does the Church allow for woman to give the Body of Christ if consecrated by a priest?

I thank you for your answers in advance.

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Yes, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion may be women.

The Very Body of Christ himself was given to the whole world by a woman, Mary.


There are no gender restrictions on Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.


Can they also preform the consecration itself?

No, women cannot perform the consecration, only an Ordained Priest can confect the Eucharist, and females are not eligible for ordination to the Ministerial Priesthood.


Ok. Thanks for clarifications.

Here in the Philippines women are not permitted to be EMHC’s.

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Then it has to be that the Church left the decision to the local bishops.

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What is the reasoning behind this. thistle?

No, only a priest can consecrate.

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Its the decision of the Bishops Conference of the Philippines.
I don’t know the reason but I suspect (only my opinion) that its to somehow show that not only can women not become priests but they should not even be likened to priests by being able to distribute the Eucharist. Just my personal opinion. I will see if I can find out the reason.
They also cannot be altar servers.
During Mass here women are the commentators, readers, and ushers.

The Church is strong here and in the Philippines divorce and abortion are both illegal.

Here in the United States, a majority of EMHC’s are women- especially those conducting the ministry outside of church.

I’m over in Mercy Hospital of UPMC all the time here, I haven’t seen any men performing this ministry among the patients- not that there aren’t “any”.

Altar servers were traditionally seen as “standing in” for clerics in minor orders, and thus could only be male. This is still reflected by the discipline that only men can be instituted as acolytes. That being said, the Church now permits female servers at the discretion of the local bishop / pastor.

Just to clarify, are women prohibited from being EMHCs altogether, or just during mass?

Mary too is in the Eucharist. The SAints too-male and female genders.

The Eucharist is the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ. In what sense is Mary and the saints in The Eucharist?

The sense that the Church too is the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ. And, Mary and the Saints and we are the Church with Christ.

So, the Church shares in the life of Christ, in eternal life.

Where is this said? Do you have a bible verse or magisterial teaching to prove this?

What I said can be revealed to you by God. In fact, it just happened to you in my post.

It is an explanation of one of the mysteries of the Church.

You won’t get it from one of those “other churches”.

I add:

The women who assist at communion first receive their communion from the Male Priest.

it’s the priest that “feeds the sheep”.

It’s the priest that “BREAKS the bread”.

Well, really it’s Jesus. But, it doesn’t happen w/o the Priest and his sacrifice.

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