Woman hating online


Anyone else sick of woman hating in online forums for traditional catholics? There is an undertone of catholic women being at fault for everything even if they are not feminist. How do we solve this problem?


Could you please provide an example of FSSP men bashing women online?


I guess it would be good to see what causes this hatred and go from there. I didn’t know that FSSP did this.


It sounds like you are hanging out on the wrong kind of forums. Encountering attitudes like that doesn’t sound helpful at all. I’ve never seen those attitudes. Why continue on at those places?


Ignoring such uncharitable misogyny is a discipline. Strive to be good at it.

The Lord has no such views! Rahab. Hannah. Judith. Elizabeth. Mary.

You are in excellent company.


You really only find those extreme sorts of blogs when you go looking for them. I’ve never met such a person.

And the most important way to avoid nutty extremists is to stay away from places they frequent.

If you are “sick of it” start reading actual Catholic sources and stay away from SSPX.


Links or it didn’t happen.



I am a woman, and I notice A LOT of man hating here. Also, people hating traditionally minded or conservative members, veil wearing women,. The list goes on.


You would have give some examples of this. I’ve read some traditional catholic websites (not sspx though) and I haven’t come across anything like this. I have noticed, however, a treatment of both genders equally. Equal means females are not an exception to criticism. Being a woman doesn’t automatically make someone perfect. However, generalizing all women negatively isn’t very nice or correct.


I go to an FSSP parish. Woman hating? Never an issue.

If there was, Father would be preaching on Fire and Brimstone towards the men in no time.


The member fin says there is there is a long list of targets of hatred on this forum. If that’s the case what is the point of these haters visiting this forum? If they can’t even practice the most basic of Christ’s and the church’s teaching how can they even begin to claim they are Christans?


I think the hatred and similar statements are usually overexagerated.


That’s a question we all ask when trolls inundate the forum. :pensive:



I would probably qualify as one of those traditionalist Catholics. Have I seen it? Yes. Is it as rampant as you may think? No. Every group has its wackos, whether on the Right or the Left.


Getting used to how this site works and accidentally deleted op lol. I think there has been an extreme backlash against feminism that has gone wrong. Fisheaters is supposed to be fssp. Correct me if I am wrong but I was under the impression that the sspx was regularized by the approval of Pope Benedict and pope Francis too and is perfectly fine to attend? Why is it schismatic exactly?

It is found in a lot of catholic internet places whether in the shadows or not. Blogs, websites, forums etc. I couldn’t possibly post links to everything because there is way too much.

I don’t think this is 'not my life, not my problem’s issue. We should want all catholics to be saintly, no? Even if they are fringe, they are still immortal souls. I see that someone agrees that there is a problem already. Hello!

Let’s remember to be kind to each other and have a nice discussion.


No it’s not, it’s neither SSPX nor FSSP. It has its fair share of SSPX members. It doesn’t take sides in that regard. They’re just not Sedevacantist and do not tolerate such nonsense.

Formally, they’re not schismatic. But it’s complicated, and while I’m no canon lawyer, I wouldn’t say they’re in good standing. I’d personally avoid them in favor of the FSSP, ICKSP, Canons of St. John Cantius, or diocesan TLM.


and if there’s one thing I cant stand about women its ………oops…wrong thread


It’s easily solvable by just not bothering to go on forums full of haters. Or if there’s a block button, make good use of it.


The one example I see here constantly is the whining over how feminine the Church is now. Though you may be thinking of a different example. I feel like most conservative people tend to have benevolent sexism, where they basically put down women who don’t fit their criteria. The women that do are usually put on a pedestal. Likewise liberal forums tend to put down a more stereotypically feminine women at times so yeeesh. I don’t belong in either. As do most women honestly.

Most of these women hating guys and gals (yes, there’s women out here hating each other) are usually ‘red-pilled’/angry over our current state. So when you look as if you’re anything but a rad trad, they will lump you in as a feminist. Heck it happens to me here sometimes.

So yeah, most of the time it’s just anger + the sad bipolar way of thinking (if you’re not A, you are B) which is such a false way of understanding someone. A lot of people who like to frequent ‘traditional/conservative catholic forums’ happen to frequent other traditional gender forums/be in touch with conservative news as well, which would be more secular and um…sexist. So it transfers to here at times.


Sensitive nerves over Hollywoods hatred and guilting of white men.

Some of it is people go too far with the traditional stuff and think all women should be house wives and never go to college or have careers.

Some of it is dudes hanging out in the wrong forums getting heated all the time and lashing out at women.

On the other hand hearing about feminism and white privilege gets old after awhile especially when your not doing anything to make anyone’s life difficult.

On the bright side there will be some other senseless social crusade next year to work people up about.

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