Woman killed after alligator dragged her into Hilton Head lagoon was trying to protect dog: investigators



Woman killed after alligator dragged her into Hilton Head lagoon was trying to protect dog: investigators

Frank Miles

By Frank Miles | Fox News Aug. 20th, 2018

A woman who was killed after an alligator dragged her into a golf course lagoon in South Carolina was trying to protect her pet border collie during their daily walk, investigators revealed Monday, identifying her as 45-year-old Cassandra Cline.

The lagoon was across the street from her vacation home in a private resort on Hilton Head Island.

The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office received a call around 9:30 a.m. about a possible alligator attack near a lagoon in Sea Pines Plantation, the resort community where Cline was vacationing, as Fox News previously reported. Officers arrived and discovered the woman’s body inside the lagoon.

According to witnesses, Cline was walking her dog when an alligator, about 8 feet long, “attacked and pulled” her into the water. Security staff also viewed surveillance video of the attack, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources spokesman Capt. Robert McCullough told The Post and Courier.

“She was walking the dog near the lagoon and the alligator came out of the water and tried to get the dog,” David Lucas, a spokesman for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, said. “The lady tried to rescue the dog and a maintenance worker ran over to help.”

Both were trying to save the dog, but the alligator dragged the woman into the water, he said.

The alligator later was found and killed, Lucas said. . . .


Terrible news.

Prayers out to those involved.

Be careful out there!


This happened in FL not too long ago as well.

I would walk my dog with a hefty hiking staff, and perhaps concealed carry.


One would imagine golf course lagoons are free of gators or should…How do they get there? Isn’ t the golf course enclosed?
Poor woman…


Scary! I don’t want to live anywhere there are alligators! Did the dog survive? Poor


I think it adds a bit of wild attraction to the course and probably isn’t a concern when the course is full of golfers (with clubs)




Hey, if you golf at a Colorado resort, you would expect to see deer and other native wildlife. Coyotes are what get your cat’s and dogs there though. Eagles have been known to swoop down and pick up a small pet.


No problem with wildlife. But alligators in a golf course lagoon? That,I wouldn t have expected.
I saw coyotes in a soccer field but at night( and from my car,safe and sound).
The scene of the golfers and the clubs…that 's for a movie!! Scary movie!
But seriously now,if it is a private golf course,AND it is possible that an 8 foot gator lies in a lagoon, wouldn’t a low enclosure at least make it a safer place?
Perhaps not but one would think…

PS: If I took half the amount of armadillos we have now around leaving everything like a gruyère cheese…again,they would do something about it…and soon!!


I think it’s hard to ‘child proof’ such places against naive tourists. Without an eye witness we don’t know why/how she let her dog get in that situation, and how she thought she could defend her dog.

I do recall a woman being gored by a buffalo in yellowstone as she tried to get a selfie of herself in front of it. People forget the animals are wild and get too close.


How awful! Selfies can really lead to the unimaginable.
One has to live in Florida really to know the extent of the nature of gators’ attacks. I don’t…
I remember the case you mentioned in a previous post and also a child in the premises of a Disneyland hotel if I am not mistaken.
Yes,dealing with wild life takes precautions
Poor woman anyway…fatal mistake. And horrible


Yeah, but where you live, you’ve got coyotes and javelinas. Not as bad as alligators, to be sure, but still, they can get nasty.

My sister, who lives in Tucson, goes for long, multi-mile runs out on the desert. She carries bear spray, just in case.


Some years back, I spent a few months in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

I couldn’t believe the idiots who would stop and try to get a picture with a bison.

Amazing. Natural selection at work.


There are alligators all over the place, but they are edible!

click here google you tube eat alligator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exv6J0mUk5A


I’m not sure about enclosures, but I do know that many of these coastal golf courses back right up to the water. There is a course in Charleston where one of the holes terminates on a point sticking out into the mouth of Shem Creek into the bay. It is a well known fact that the lagoons/ponds on these courses are infested with alligators, although usually small ones, not 8ft ones. I don’t know this for sure but it might be against Wildlife laws to remove the gators from their habitat? You should always stay away from the ponds though, IMO. I know some people love their pets like people but I say the moral here is if your dog gets in a gator fight, let the gator win unless you can actually do something about it. People arrogantly think that they can’t be harmed by wildlife in the modern world, but unless you are armed, basically any predator has a massive advantage over any person in both closing speed and killing ability.

I visited Hilton Head myself when I was a kid and naively decided to collect golf balls down by one of the course ponds near the house we were staying at. I just about stepped on a gator head-never saw it until it reared up and started hissing! Luckily it was a little baby one only about a foot or two long. But I won’t be going near one of those ponds again, that’s for sure.


What is bear spray? Super strong pepper spray for bears?


Actually I live in the mountains now at 6800 ft. above sea level so we have bears, mountain lions and bobcats along with deer and elk. When we lived in town, a bear climbed up in a tree in the cul de sac
behind us.

I might be relocating back to the desert in a couple of months though after 10 years in the mountains.

Taking bear spray on runs in the desert outside Tucson is wise!


How did this happen? Remember when these monsters were sold in pet stores when they were 6 to 8 inches long. When they became a problem they were:
a) flushed down the toilet
b) let loose into the nearest storm drain
c) let loose into the woods
d) let loose into _______________ ( you fill in the blank )


Yes, 3-4 years ago a family visiting Disneyworld in Orlando were on a beach by a lagoon in front of their hotel for a movie night when a gator came up out of the water and snatched the young boy and
dragged him into the water. The boy and his Dad were near the water’s edge unaware there were alligators.
If you are going to have movie night on the
beach at your hotel, I would hope you would warn your guests about the danger
around the lagoons especially if most of your guests are young families.


Actually alligators are native to certain states - North Carolina, South Carolina,
Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and East Texas.


These places have MILLIONS of alligators.

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