Woman left newborn in portable toilet, police say

(CNN) – A 44-year-old woman faces charges of child abuse after she gave birth in a portable toilet and deliberately dropped the newborn into the waste tank, according to police in Cambridge, Maryland.

After exiting the portable toilet in Long Wharf Park, Candy Vigneri got a cigarette from a construction worker and sat at a picnic table, police Lt. Wayne Bromwell said.

As she sat, a male passer-by approached the toilet but Vigneri warned him, “Don’t go in there, I just had a baby there,” police said.

The man immediately called 911. Vigneri returned to the toilet and retrieved the newborn from the foul liquid at the base of the tank.

The baby was unresponsive and covered with a blue antibacterial chemical agent when emergency responders reached the scene, police said.

Vigneri told officers that she didn’t know she was pregnant.


This is Sad This the second time i hear that somebody did not know they were pregnant and droped the baby in the toilet.

I pray for speedy recovery for the child and a happy a healthy future

God Bless


Thank God the poor thing is still alive!!
Praying for the woman and all her sufferings…

[FONT=“Century Gothic”]Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death.


I don’t know why people even act like this. This does not only make me lose faith in humanity but also prove to me the theory of evolution is wrong. If humanity evolved from foolish apes, some human would not still act like monsters.

I’m still confused about the part where she said she didn’t know she was pregnant.

It seems that this is a new way of getting rid of unwanted baby. I believe the reason she said that is because last week a judge ruled for the defendant in the case of a woman who left her baby in a toilet seat at wallmart. and told the judge that she did not know she was pregnant. I guess we have a copycat here.

Sad, I wonder how many of those situations we are going to have in the future.

Mother who left newborn in Wal-Mart toilet not guilty


Did she not know about the safe haven law? I hope the baby is adopted. Foster care is no place for a child in this situation.

What do you mean “in this situation”? What makes this any different from any other abandoned newborn? Because it was born in a toilet? :confused: I don’t see that makes any difference - they are all children worthy of good parents, foster or otherwise.


She didn’t know she was pregnant when she went into the bathroom? Did she know on the way out?

*It does boggle my mind, too. Ugh. I am so sad to hear this.

I really think that abortion has caused many people to look at the lives of babies as meaningless, before OR after they are born. Prayers that this baby finds a good, stable home with someone who is loving! :frowning: *

I believe all abandoned babies/and many children should be adopted as opposed to being put in foster care while the birth parents live out their youth thinking maybe rhey might come back to get the kid. Children deserve better than that.There are millions of people who would love to give them a permanent home.

This isn’t child abuse, it is attempted murder, imo.

I’ve heard this ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant.’ story before and have a hard time believing it, even though I’ve been assured that it does happen. (yeah, right) In my experience, it has always been trotted out as an excuse for killing or abandoning newborns.

She is 44, not 14, so she can’t be accused being immature, and panicking upon giving birth unexpectedly. Even if she didn’t know she was pregnant before having the baby, there could have been no doubt when she held the newborn and then deliberately dumped him/her in the chemical soup in the toilet.

It is a result of the perversions of our Relativistic/Liberal society. The plagues of Relativism, Socialism, and Liberalism must be eradicated from society if it is to survive.

*How does someone give birth to a baby, without signs of blood on the mother? I mean there is blood everywhere when a woman births a baby. :confused: I read these stories about teens who ‘give birth’ at the prom…leave the baby in the bathroom, and go on with the dance. What??? This woman in this story, went outside and sat at a table, and had a cigarette? Are we sure she didn’t give birth before she dumped the baby there? Women need time to recoup from giving birth, that has always boggled my mind with these sad stories, on top of feeling outraged. *

Lower you expectations of society, folks this is post Roe V Wade. Life has no value.:mad:
Give us the strength and words to change this attitude, Holy Spirit!

A hour before the child was born whe could have legally paid a Doctor to abort the child.Perhaps her defense will be she should only be charged with praciticing medicine without a license.

:frowning: Yes :gopray:

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