Woman live tweeting her abortion

I hope this is the correct forum for this, but if it isn’t, hopefully the admins. will put it in the right place.

Anyway,…this past week, there was a woman on Twitter who was giving a minute by minute account of her “in-progress” RU486 chemical abortion. She was also on YouTube in reference to it.

I’m not a “member” of Twitter, but was able to see some of this on www.JillStanek.com
You can go there and see some segments of this pitiful situation.

This is just unbelievable to me that a woman would report LIVE the details of her chemical abortion and her complete abhorrance of her unborn child. It’s so pathetic to see people cheering her on as she “attempts to demystify” (her words) the whole abortion process and why it’s so “good”.

She treats the entire thing so cavalierly and with such non-chalance, it’s repulsive.

Just interested in knowing if anyone else has seen this and what they think about it.

edited to say: The JillStanek link posted above is a PRO-LIFE website…and a good one, too !

How utterly disgusting! That a woman would actually be proud of the fact that she is murdering her unborn child is just downright disgusting and frankly it seems psychopathic to me. :mad:

How very, very sad.

I think we will see more of this in the future. It makes me feel very mad and hope for some sort of justice to be done to this deadbeat mother either in this world or the next. This is one of the worst possible things a human being can do.

People who are an enemy to life are our enemies, and we are to pray for them. Norma McGorvey had a change of heart and so did doctors, nurses, and many others.

If we who pray for the unborn and their rights remember to pray for those who speak for the culture of death, there would be many more conversions.

People that do such things are very sick and twisted souls. They are glorifying the sheer HORROR of abortion. They are demented people that desperately need our prayers.

Whilst she should not have been twittering about her abortion, she did it because of health problems, which I assume were serious, as she says in her youtube clip, that she ‘wants to be around’ for her son. She doesn’t hate children or think them an inconvenience, she already has one and doesn’t want to die having another one.

I don’t think people should criticise her too harshly for having the abortion, given her situation. However, the way she has publicised it is perhaps a bit wrong (though how was she to know so many news/blogs etc would latch on to her twitter? She isn’t a celebrity)

I can’t put into words how morally repugnant this is, however, given what passes as entertainment in this world we live in, why am I not surprised. Since Roe V Wade, nothing is sacred anymore. We have become so morally desensitized by what passes as entertainment that twitter is just another venue from which to degrade our society. I thought it couldn’t get much worse, but this woman has shown us that it can. Very sad!!!

smos hit the nail on the head.
If you go back and read the entire tweet she did, you can see that she is completely ignorant about fetal development.
Unfortunately, she has bought into ALL the lies of the pro-choice mindset.
Pray for this poor misguided woman. She’s in desperate need of enlightenment (and attention, obviously…).
The entire thing makes me sick to my stomach.
Pray that her existing child doesn’t grow up thinking like his mother.

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