Woman Makes Daughter Have Abortion, Puts Baby's Body in Trash

Woman Makes Daughter Have Abortion, Puts Baby’s Body in Trash

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – A Florida woman has been arrested and charged in connection with a case involving her forcing her teenager daughter to have an abortion. Tonuya Rainey, 38, allegedly obtained drugs from an abortion center to make her daughter have an abortion and then threw the body of the unborn child in the trash.

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Oh my, makes me so sick. :frowning:

So…she’s being charged with ‘illegally disposing of a human body?’ There is a legal way? So, if a doctor does it, it’s somehow ok? :mad:

I’m so sick of our abortion laws…God help this poor kid who’s mom forced her to have the abortion, and I pray for the soul of that poor baby. Ugh!!!

I pray for the mom too…how depraved must someone be to think this is ok to do. :frowning:

From the article:

A police report, the television station noted, indicated the baby was alive at the time of the birth and was "moving his hands and breathing."

How sad.:frowning:

Is it that people want to be so free to do what ever they want sexually the result, a baby’s life, is not important?

How can people be so happy to be “pro-choice”? They justify it by saying the world is over populated. So why don’t they just leave?:ehh:

Deeply saddening and depressing. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning:

It sickens me :frowning:

When will America (and the world) wake up and realize that abortion is not about choice, it never has been. Where was this girl’s choice, where was the baby’s choice. It is about killing the baby because it is an inconvience to someone who thinks they have the right to kill another person.

Another interesting point, but in most states this would be murder, though I suppose they would actually have to find the body in order to prove the baby was born ‘alive’ and the prosecutor would have to choose to charge her with murder, which they might not do because of their own convictions. This is just sick and wrong.


Sadly, studies have shown that almost 2/3 of all abortions are coerced. And that’s just the ones that admit it. Choice?


“In 95% of all cases, the male partner played a central role in the decision.”

Men, we have to step up to the plate and do what is right. I am not necessarly saying men have to marry, but should support the woman in having the baby.

It is not a choice. It’s a baby!

Why aren’t doctors in jail cells also, who have participated in babies being born, and then disposing of them?

And since there are those who don’t like using LifeSite News as a resource, here’s the Miami Herald account. It’s even more horrific.


Rainey told investigators that on March 5, she took her daughter to Liberty Health clinic in Miami and a receptionist named Lisette gave her two pills that if taken two hours apart would cause an abortion. She was told the medication was not legal, according to her arrest warrant.

Where are the charges against the clinic?!?!?!

I really do not know what to say, I just feel overwhelming sadness!:bighanky:


[quote="jilly4ski]Another interesting point, but in most states this would be murder, though I suppose they would actually have to find the body in order to prove the baby was born ‘alive’ and the prosecutor would have to choose to charge her with murder, which they might not do because of their own convictions. This is just sick and wrong.


I have read some of the stories of women who are still suffering from the trauma of being forced into abortions by their mothers. It just breaks my heart…and many of them do not speak up.
Not only that, on another site a few years ago, I was the:crying: sad witness to a group of self-described “Christian” women who totally attacked a poor woman who tried to share her story…She was just 14 when her parents literally dragged her into the abortionist’s office, & here were these :mad:women calling her a murderer, when she was a:crying: victim right along with her poor baby whom she is still mourning, in her 40s…No wonder some are unwilling to tell their stories, when there are those :banghead:who would shoot the wounded…:frowning:


Thank you for sharing this perspective. :heart: It really is the fault of the law, when these things are legal, people are not murderers (illegal killing) but killers, sometimes unwantedly. It may be similar to the situation of the child soldiers who were kidnapped and forced by others to murder other people.

I take this as a reminder for myself as a pro-life advocate to remember to show mercy and compassion to all those women who were forced into abortions by their parents. There is a wonderful quote on this website. “I forgive you the way that I want God to forgive me” that I am generally grateful to be reminded of. :o

Corki, thank you for the link.
It took me so long to access it, I copied the content for this thread.

Bond for Miramar mother increased in daughter’s abortion case

A Miramar woman is accused of forcing her 16-year-old daughter to have an abortion and then throwing the fetus out with the trash.


**dsmiley@MiamiHerald.com **

Tonuya Scheniell Rainey apparently had no qualms about ending her daughter’s pregnancy.

After forcing the 16-year-old girl to take pills obtained from a receptionist at a Miami-area clinic, the 38-year-old Miramar woman went out to Cafe Iguana for the night.
When she came home around 3 the next morning, her daughter aborted the fetus into a toilet. Rainey then placed the fetus in a bag and set it out with her garbage for curbside pickup, according to her statements contained in Broward court documents filed by police.

But on Friday, Rainey, clad in an inmate’s uniform, cried and held her face in her hands as Judge John Hurley called her actions ``tantamount to murder.’’
‘‘I think a child’s life was terminated,’’ he said, as he raised Rainey’s bond from $14,000 to $185,000.

Rainey was arrested by Miramar police Thursday after investigators say she confessed to giving her daughter pills to cause her to abort her baby and then disposing of the fetus. She has been charged with termination of a pregnancy, practicing healthcare without a license, child abuse and improper disposal of human remains.

The Department of Children & Families, which has received calls about the family before, is now investigating, according to spokeswoman Leslie Mann.
The agency has placed the 16-year-old daughter, whom The Miami Herald is not identifying, in foster care, she said.

Miramar police have yet to close their case and say the state’s Department of Health is also looking into the incident.

Attempts to reach Rainey’s family at their home Friday were unsuccessful.
According to police, Rainey had her daughter take medication on March 5. Exactly what happened and how it happened, however, are unclear because of conflicting accounts given by the mother and daughter.

Rainey told investigators that she took her daughter to a Miami area clinic called Liberty Health that day and returned home after receiving two pills from a receptionist.
Court documents state that she inserted the pills inter-vaginally about four hours apart.
Rainey, who according to court documents worked as a surgical technician at Broward General Medical Center as late as 2006, said she threw the fetus out with the trash after the abortion.

‘‘Rainey advised that the infant was not alive at anytime after the birth,’’ court documents state. A friend, who assisted in the abortion and has not been charged, said the fetus was not breathing.

But Rainey’s daughter told investigators a different story about how and when she took the pills and said she saw the male fetus breathing.

She told detectives that she believed she was 24 weeks pregnant, but police spokeswoman Detective Yessenia Diaz said investigators found she was not that far along.
Judge Hurley, however, said on Friday that Rainey should have been charged with murder and called the case one of the worst he has ever seen.

‘‘I’ve handled everything, and this is it,’’ he said. ``This is the pinnacle. I’ve never been so disturbed.’’

Rainey’s attorneys from the Public Defender’s Office objected and told Hurley he should recuse himself from the proceedings.

Afterward, Public Defender Howard Finkelstein said it appeared as if Hurley let his emotions get the better of him and added that his office would file an appeal of Rainey’s bond amount.

Miami Herald staff writer Diana Moskovitz and news partner WFOR-CBS4 contributed to this report.

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