Woman offers strong argument against HHS mandate.


I just watched this video. It is so awesome. I think this argument needs to be used more often.

This is a great video!

Very good.

Wow…she is great. I posted it on my facebook page too. I was accused of being too obsessed with “women’s health for someone without a [female anatomy]”. So, I posted it so they’d get it from the “right” perspective. :wink:

Thanks for sharing this. I think this woman is a breath a fresh air especially for Catholics. The times we live in today always make me think of what Christ said in Luke 23:28-31.

Terrific video. Thanks for posting!

Thank you for posting this. Quite a wonderful video.

Quite a wonderful video. http://www.nling.info/g.gif

The times we live in today always mhttp://www.filii.info/g.gifake me think of what Christ said in Luke 23:28-31.

Well at least you got a round twit.
Every time I start up Firefox that video is sitting there so that I can use it to start a thread here at CAF. (Tomorrow maybe?:o )

She is great!

:DAwesome! http://www.ckyo.info/jpg

This is an eloquent, straight forward, honest, and open address. The young lady deftly handles the root of the issue in 7 minutes. She is brilliant and engaging, and I wish I could get her to come out to the west coast and speak at an event for us!

I heard it in person. :slight_smile:

You guys should check out some of the other Catholic Information Center panelists’ speeches in opposition to the HHS mandate on their channel, they are really quite good. (There was also a men’s panel on the same topic a week before, which was video-recorded by C-Span, c-spanvideo.org/program/304319-1.)

Limiting freedom?

However, it is covered as a woman’s health issue, as though fertility is a disease and so you need contraception, abortion and sterilization to be “healthy”.

Except your side classifies this “health concern” as preventative care…

In fact, Planned Parenthood denotes pregnancy as a disease, comparable with cancer and STDs in the same breath:

In every state, women and men rely on Title X for basic preventive health care, including contraception, Pap tests, and STD treatment

Her point stands.

And your points beg multiple questions. This choice is not about the health of the mother. This choice is about lifestyle, and a particular lifestyle is something for particular areas/services to cater to, but should not be mandatory for all health care areas/services to provide, as this HHS mandate decrees (not suggests). Making sure your reproductive organs are healthy and functioning is something totally different from using a contraceptive/abortifacient to prevent a pregnancy and conception of a new human being, as the result of a (lifestyle) choice to engage in the act of reproduction. Although contraceptives may be used for other medicate situations and for various beneficial side effects, there are other prescription alternatives for those health issues, and their primary use is indeed directed toward preventing fertilization or interrupting pregnancy at various stages.

How does controlling one’s reproductive organs constitute a health concern? Sounds more like a lifestyle choice to me. Besides, if a person wants the ultimate control over one’s reproductive organs, abstinence would be the logical answer…not contraceptives. Contraceptives are the result of people’s inability/unwillingness to control their reproductive organs, no?

The most effective and cheapest method of preventing unwanted pregnancy is no sex.

Humans have been given an intellect and will and should be expected use them to control themselves.

I don’t see how it’s unrealistic to expect people to control themselves. I also don’t see how we have the right to decide if a baby is prepared to be brought into this world or not. If we have the right to decide that, then we also have the right to decide who among the ‘already-born’ is fit to live in this world.

By the way, I have no problem with someone wanting to pay for someone else’s contraception or other lifestyle choice. You can pay whatever money you want to whomever you want. But don’t tell me that I must also pay for it…I believe I have the right not to pay for someone else’s lifestyle choices, nor do I believe that I should have to pay for someone to kill a baby. If you choose to pay for those things, that’s you choice.

Reposted this video to my facebook page and got in a big argument with my sister (baptised Catholic, currently non-practicing and sort of agnostic). She’s currently in medical school and is of the opinion that she requires contraceptives to be a free, fully functioning, successful person (she’s married, thankfully, and currently pregnant with their first child (planned)). Her contention was that the demands of her career are so great that it is unrealistic to expect her to be in a position where she could be pregnant “every year,” and that it is basically impossible for a woman to succeed in a high-demand career like medicine without using contraceptives.

I tried to explain to her the benefits of NFP, but she said that it was unrealistic to expect her not to have sex with her husband whenever she wanted (she seems to think that NFP only allows you to have sex two weeks out of the month). Ironically, she used NFP (that my wife taught her) to get pregnant, and used the fact that she got pregnant after only two months of trying (again, charting with NFP) to support her position that no contraception = conveyor line of babies. It took us 9 months, and we didn’t figure out the charting until 8 months in…so we took 1 month after charting. But hey, that’s pseudo-contraceptive quackery for you.

At any rate, she’s firmly in the camp that not only does she have a “right” to contraception, but that that “right” should be upheld at the expense of those who have a moral objection to it. Or, to use the language that’s been flying around in the media, if people are allowed to exercise their consciences, they will be denying her that “right” to contraceptives. :shrug:

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