Woman Poisoned With Nerve Agent in England Dies


Is anyone else as concerned about these
poisonings as I am? The first pair, a father and daughter, survived, but are still recuperating.
Now the second pair has been poisened and one is now deceased. They don’t know yet how or where they came into contact with the poison.
The two incidents happened 7 miles apart.


I thought that this nerve agent was supposed to cause instant death?


I would think it would depend on how much you were exposed to.
The father and daughter were in a coma for several weeks I thought before regaining consciousness. I thought it was a miracle they survived.
I pray this second man survives.

If this were happening in the U.S., I would think it would be the top story. I wonder what kind of coverage it is getting in England. Remember the anthrax scare here after 9/11 and how they frantically tried to solve that case.


It gets a lot of coverage. I view it as ‘keep the hysteria about those beastly Russians going’. Quite a lot of that in the media here, I remember when it was ‘keep the hysteria going about those vicious Irish and their priest-ridden peasant land’ so let’s just say I raise sceptical eyebrows at much of it. The couple involved here make great pawns for the intelligence services, they were living in hostels and Sturgess was living in a hostel used by recovering addicts. She’s an eminently useful disposable pawn if you want to create hysteria and draw attention of real problems in the UK by going on about the Russians.


Was the second couple also involved in the intelligence service? I have not seen or read that much coverage of them.
So you think this is being done intentionally to keep the hysteria going about the Russians? That is a bold claim!
Why England? Why not the U.S. where the democrats have turned the Russians into the villains?


If we could begin finding out all the details of these four people, there may be a very deep spy story. Don’t think a nerve agent would be used to cause a hyper media splash. Maybe they can find out from the latest survivor where they have been and what they were doing. I suppose a killer could coat the salt and pepper shakers, or the backs of chairs in a restaurant with this chemical poison - contact through the skin would do it. But the items used would have to be removed before others suffered the same way. Who knows, its possible. Hope we can find out and feel bad for the victims.


Poor woman…I read the case a couple of days ago…


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