Woman posts about her love and marriage to the Berlin Wall

This is what interested me:


"I relate to things in the same way as when many people relate to other people. And here one can put the blame on the valuations of society that in many cultures are based on Christianity – but what says that man is “the Crown of Creation”? Nothing!!! We share this planet with other beings like animals, things etc. We have all the same worth independent of what we are – an object, an animal or a human being or a plant if it comes to that. "

She married the Berlin Wall in 1979 and takes its name, as in Mrs. “Berliner-Mauer”.

Obviously someone who is desperately disturbed but is this where we are headed - a total animist society where all things are equal? Surely marriage, and societal recognition, will be completely meaningless by the time this occurs, but if marriage is defined by wholly by love, what is to stop recognition of such “marriages”?

How about the guys who have sex with their cars. They are attracted to them and it certainly is strange when they love their carstelegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/2000899/Man-admits-%5C’having-sex%5C’-with-1,000-cars.html

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