Woman pregnant with 18th child

Lotta Kids!

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - It’s a happy Mother’s Day for an Arkansas woman — she’s pregnant with her 18th child. Michelle Duggar, 41, is due on New Year’s Day, and the latest addition will join seven sisters and 10 brothers. There are two sets of twins.

“We’ve had three in January, three in December. Those two months are a busy time for us,” she said, laughing.

Some atheist I know are ticked off over this and wanting her rendered sterile.

Bloody Atheists… :mad:

It’s not just atheists.

If she can care financially for her children then I don’t see what anyone would be concerned about. I thought that reproduction was all about the woman’s choice.:shrug:

It seems to me the people who scream most about their rights being violated are the ones most likely to criticize another’s choice.

Well, somebody has to pay into social security and its not like the secularists are having kids. I don’t understand why feminists are complaining about this, if this is the lifestyle that Mrs. Duggar freely chose. Or maybe what they really mean is they don’t believe that women should make choices that they themselves would not do.

True it is anyone who subscribes to the Secular Relativist mindset.


Really, I think the basis of their objection has more to do with the “overpopulation” problem that’s been engrained into their heads. For some reason they think that their own kids have more of a right to be on this planet than the Duggar children. :shrug:

My nan had 19 and raised them in a 3 room house so any arguements about her not being able to raise them are nonsense.

Right! Just Enough of Me, Way to Much of You.*

[size=2]*Subtitle of [/size]chaper on Overpopulation in All the Trouble in the World by P.J. O’ Rourke

The virulence that many secularist react to this family seems to suggest something more than just a dislike of large families. The contraceptive mentality is so pervasive that anyone who dissents against it is deemed a menace to society. Many people would probably be surprised that there was a point in time in which birth control was condemned by Protestants and Catholics alike. By having a family that is large by even “large family” standards, the Duggars are rejecting almost all of the sacred cows of the secularist mindset (e.g., state schooling, birth control, sexual freedom, non-traditional families, few or no children, women should always work outside the home). Indeed, many people feel shocked by the very notion that a family, and a large one at that, should actually enjoy one another’s company.

Well I am excited for them. You can see so much love in that family. God has blessed them!

I’m all for choice, but hey, if she and the rest of the family can manage it, all the more power to her :slight_smile:

Why do you think feminists are complaining about the Duggar family?

The “Vagina” poster that Benedictus showed us is absolutely cruel. The nerve of some people.

I myself really don’t understand why they are having that number of children, but if it’s their desire and they’re providing for them, then I can respect it.

I love this family. They are so humble and down to earth. I don’t understand when people of faith react so strongly and negatively to them. Don’t we all believe God creates life ultimately? Doesn’t He know they already have 17? Of course! What a blessing. It takes a tremendous amount of faith to let go and let God. Beautiful.

This is something I saw a couple of decades ago, when actress Marlo Thomas announced her engagement to (now former) talk show host Phil Donohue.

(Please hold your vents against Donohue; let me explain…)

When the news hit the papers, the feminist reaction was such that you would have thought Ms. Thomas had announced she had incurable cancer!

I actually remember one prominent feminist crying that “we’re going to lose her!”

I was in college at the time, and I was puzzled at the reactions. Hey, I thought this was about a woman’s right to choose. Well, she chose marriage. Why don’t you support her choice???:shrug:

I thought it over some more. My conclusion (both then and now):

As long as Ms. Thomas chose acting and other projects (like the “Free to Be You and Me” TV show and album, et al), then feminists fully supported those choices. (If you don’t know about that little project, a quick Google should give you the details).

Once she made a “traditional” choice (MARRIAGE!?? Oh, the horror!) then the truth was revealed.

A woman should have the right to chose…but only if she chooses the radical, non-traditional choices.

Feminists, then and now, only give lip service to the right to choose. When a woman chooses something traditional–marriage, fidelity, children, morality, etc., then they scream either that she is about to waste her life (as some of them did when Ms. Thomas announced her engagement), or that she is electing to go into slavery and must be liberated by the more enlightened feminists (hence the title “women’s liberation”).

Therefore, from the feminists’ point of view, the Duggar family (Mrs. Duggar) is a woman who is a slave to her family and who must be liberated ASAP. Obviously her husband is oppressing her, keeping her pregnant for a total of 11 years of their marriage! How can she have a life of her own with 18/19 children running around the house? How can possibly express her true self when she is caring for and homeschooling children all the time? Such sacrifice is slavery–from their point of view.

(Uh, as the youngest of six, I can testify that in large households like that, everyone gets to work at an early age. My first household job was dusting the legs of the tables–makes sense, since I was closer to the ground than anyone else in the house!) :smiley:

It’s good that she and her husband want all those kids and that they can financially support them, but making their daughters wear dresses and do all the cooking… to me, that’s a little far.

I just feel bad that the kids can’t get any one on one time with their parents. That must be pretty hard with 17 kids and another on the way! The kids probably have a much more limited relationship with their parents than kids who only have one or two siblings.

Don’t be too sure about that. Remember, the children are homeschooled by her, so that gives them more time than you think with her. I’m willing to bet that they get more parental time than kids in smaller families who have both parents working outside the home!

And if you read the article at Discovery.com, then you know that they get to switch jobs, so the boys ARE learning the chores that are considered “woman’s work.”

Making the girls wear dresses…yeah, I go along with you on that. But part of that may be economy, not just modesty. They probably buy in bulk (hey, I would!), and then pass the clothes down the line as the older kids outgrow clothes. Trying to keep up with the latest trends in fashion would break anyone’s budget, no matter how many or few kids you have! And if you’ve been in the malls lately, you know the fashions for young girls would have them look like hoochies in training…and it’s not much better for women. I am planning to get out my sewing machine this summer myself…:hmmm:

It’s possible to be a young woman and not dress in trashy clothes these days. Old Navy and Gap are doing a lot to market some more modest clothes. :smiley:

I remember seeing this family on the Discovery Channel. They showed them in the process of building their new home. God bless them! I hope they come to the Catholic Church some day, but their hearts are certainly in the right place.

As far as the dresses. It is modesty, not frugality. I don’t remember their faith, but one of their “traditions” is modest dress for the women folk. I always tease my teenage daughter that I’m going to make her wear a jumper. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

BTW…even though they built a large house, the boys are all in one room and the girls are in another room - the kids wanted it that way. :thumbsup: There is a nursery area attached to the master br though.

I do commend the Duggar’s for being able to financially support their children. There are people out there with only one kid that leach off the system. My only objection is what I heard on one of their interviews, if the kids need one on one time with mom or dad, they have to sign up on a chart. That makes me sad because I couldn’t imagine having to do that.

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