Woman Priest Poll in Newspaper Let Your Voice be Heard!

Father Z, who must have eyes everywhere, reports that a newspaper in the Dio of Kalamazoo has a poll up around a story in which a woman is getting “ordained” as a “Catholic” “priest.” The paper wants to hear from us, here are the choices:

Churches get to set their own rules. If Lewis doesn’t like those rules, she should choose another church.

Lewis is right: The real outrage is not her actions, but the Catholic stance on women.

Absolutely not. She deserves to be excommunicated for defying church rules.

I think Catholics should allow women priests, but Lewis is going about this the wrong way.

Absolutely not and Lewis is right are the top contenders. Head on over and let your Catholic voice be heard!

God bless!!!


I voted absolutely not.


Absolutely not

One must not expect to change a religion’s rules. It is rude to try and make God, as they understand Him, do what He will not do. If she doesn’t like the rules God made, the Church has the right to excommunicate her, and she can go find someplace else.

The first and third choices are both right.

I am sure the Methodists or the Episcopalians would be delighted to have her. All the linen in the world will not make her a RC Priest, any more than a jeweled egg and a gold gilded chair will get me a room at Windsor Castle.

The church has ways all can serve, monastic and otherwise. We however, do not get to dictate to the church how we are to serve, when it comes to Holy Orders.

Shouldn’t there be an option of- “God sets the rules, the Church doesn’t get to change those rules even if it wanted to”?

I voted absolutely not, These women are spectacularly narcissistically self deluded. I will not say more about their sympathizers because I do not want to be tossed from this site for being uncharitable.

Why are none of these women drawn to the Extraordinary Form?

Sorry, what?
Can you direct me to another thread or something that explains what you mean?

And look how the results have turned around! :smiley:

Father Z will be most pleased. :slight_smile:

I think Modern Revert is speaking fluent sarcasm!

I just noticed none of them are called to celebrate the Extraordinary Form-probably because it doesn’t allow for one’s own interpretation of the liturgy??

I’m sure that the results will only make the news if the votes end up being in favor of it. It’s a ridiculous premise since it assumes that people can change the will of God with enough votes. And the irony is Christ was condemned to death based on a popular opinion poll.


Which is also an interesting point to bear in mind when thinking about democracy.

I wonder what the paper will think when it checks its results! :smiley:

Every time an article like this is posted and publicized, it encourages rebellion against infallible teaching. Do they think that if we hear it enough times, we’ll gradually begin to accept it?

I did not vote because I think they just need to be ignored.

The poll does allow for choosing more than one option. So you can vote for both options. They were in a different order from the OP when I went to the page.

It is my understanding that women can not be ordained so the fact that she is attempting it is ridiculous. If Holy Orders are not open to women what is she accomplishing? Is she just wanting to create scandal and look ridiculous? The Church cannot change it’s teaching and I believe Saint JPII solidified this. Why do people keep this stuff up? :banghead: If enough people whine and complain about something they don’t like it will magically change to the way they think it should be? I will never understand that mindset.

Its a big girl playing dress up and being a pretend priest. I am from the Kzoo Diocese and in the news they were going to originally hold the faux ordination at a non-Catholic Church, but it got moved to her living room instead when folks got all up in arms about this.of note she is also married to a former Dominican priest. sounds like they want to make their own truths and theology.

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