Woman re-interprets Koran with feminist view


Should be interesting at the reaction from some.

**Woman re-interprets Koran with feminist view **
By Manuela Badawy

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A new English-language interpretation of the Muslim Holy book the Koran challenges the use of words that feminists say have been used to justify the abuse of Islamic women.
The new version, translated by an Iranian-American, will be published in April and comes after Muslim feminists from around the world gathered in New York last November and vowed to create the first women’s council to interpret the Koran and make the religion more friendly toward women.

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And, yes, I read who was publishing it.


well Islam needs a lot of reform!
I look at the poor women who are wrapped in niqab or burka and feel really sorry for them


Hopefully, the fact that the Koran must be rewritten to allow better treatment of women will clue people in to how wrong Islam is. I hope these kind of reform efforts have some sucess, but terrorist groups usually try to kill or silence reformers.

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