Woman Recalls Journey from Suffering After Abortion to Forgiveness


see thebostonpilot.com/article.asp?ID=177134
“I remember coming home back to my college dorm, and I just curled up into a ball for two days, she said. It forever changed me. I never ever spoke to anybody about that awful day – ever.
‘Ever’ ended up being 40 years.”
After years of this, “I just faced it. I realized I had truly taken a life. I wanted to confess it,” though I was afraid what a priest would think of me…


So glad she has come back into the fold! :thumbsup:


I will pray for you and your child ,the mercy of Christ is beyond our comprehension
We have to find it in ourselves to just trust that Devine mercy. I have found the most difficult thing is not Repentence, it’s forgiving ourselves. But it’s a very necessary step.
How can we possibly love if we constantly beat ourselves. Sometimes unless we hear a human being forgiving us it difficult to grasp ,thats the brilliance of the sacrament of reconciliation. Fully embrace thst sacrament an go and be a beacon of love as you are called to be.


I thought having an abortion was an automatic ex-communication. No?


In the article, the woman says that she excommunicated herself, and experienced intense pain over her abortion, and, in time, through her experiences with loving Christians, found her way back to confession and the gift of reconciliation.
Do click on the link in post 1. The best thing about the story is it’s true!
May God bless us all.


I thought in confessing it, the priest has to excommunicate her.


Where did you hear such a thing.

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