Woman rides the beast?

I’m in RCIA and getting much flack from my wife. A friend of hers recommended this book. It is by Dave Hunt who I seem to recall is a virulent anti-Catholic bigot. Is anyone familiar with this book and what I need to study to refute what this book will “teach” my wife?




Give this page a shot. It should counter most of the issues brought up by this book. God bless.


Thanks! I feel much better about being able to defuse this **** now.


The name of the book escapes me right now -agghhh!!!

Either Steve Ray or Karl Keating wrote a book that is a direct response to that piece of garbage book. When brain begins working, I’ll be back.

Are you thinking Catholicism and Fundamentalism, The attack of “Romanism” by Bible Christians? Written by Karl Keating.

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I’m sorry about the flak, Bryan.

I thought of St Paul. I imagine he copped a lot of flak from the Jews he’d formerly so strongly supported in their early persecution of Christians. Thank God he did convert anyway, or we’d be missing some of the great books of the New Testament. I wonder, in the end, how many of them were later converted by his courage and example in living the faith?

Saint Paul and conversion
Saul of Tarsus, implacable enemy of apostle and Church, who became zealous Christian and writer of biblical epistles, intercede for radical conversion in all who are presently disinterested or hostile.

Paul, you showed courage of conviction even before you became a zealous apostle of the Kingdom. Please pray that we will be similarly committed. However, please obtain that we will not support any cause that is not sanctioned by the loving will of God.

God granted you conversion to Christian faith. He chose you as a great apostle of the early Church, and through your writing gave precious insights into religious truth.

You, who turned aside from your treasured convictions to follow Jesus and His commands, please intercede for our courage to undertake radical ongoing conversion. Pray that we also may accept whatever risks or ridicule ensues as we follow and teach the truth.

You taught and exhorted, you endured persecution and personal weakness. You suffered from the error and tepidity of others. You longed for death to unite you with God, but you willed to live in order to serve. Paul, pray that we also shall be true apostles of Christ. 1999

I second the Karl Keating book. Another good book would be by Scott Hahn, Hail Holy Queen. It is a book about Mary. He, too, had problems with Mary. In fact, in his book Rome Sweet Home, he talks about breaking his grandmother’s rosary after she died and praying that the chains of Roman Catholicism would be broken from her or something like that. I like Scott Hahn because he is very readable, and a convert like myself. :slight_smile:

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