Woman riding on a mattress atop a van falls dies




Sounds like a candidate for a Darwin Award.


God rest her, sometimes we just don’t take everyday dangers seriously.



Praying for the repose of her soul & for her family.


Remember, thou art mortal! It should be everyones prayer before heading out everyday!

A prayer for her soul.


Pray for the driver of the van; she is going to have to live with this foolish decision for the rest of her life. :signofcross:


Yes, that would be good. The woman killed was 20 years old, but the driver was 41 years old. The difference in age could mean that the driver was the victim’s mother, aunt or other older relative. The whole family could be torn apart by this.


I can remember the days when money was very tight and we’d do what we could to save money. They only had a short way to go. May not have had any twine to tie it on, I don’t know. It’s sad. I’m sure the driver must be beating herself up enough without my help.


What were they trying to do?:eek:


I sure would hate to be in the driver’s shoes.


There’s probably a lawyer out there who’d attempt a case against both the van manufacturer and the mattress company. After all, bet there was no warning label on the mattress that said “Do not ride this mattress on top of a moving vehicle.” It sounds like the poor woman was using her weight to hold the mattress down for a short trip in the absence of ropes or other tie-downs.





First of all, RIP to this woman.

With that said, this was such utter stupidity, and there’s no other way about it. Just a completely idiotic and tragic death that could have easily been avoided.

The person driving should obviously be questioned by the police, and possibly charged for reckless endangerment.


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