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Dear friends,I have confronted with the difficult situation in where
I live. the situation is; Married woman they received sacrament of marriage and God reward them with (5) five childen. after that the husban pass away, and the brother of late person enter in she gave birth to number (6) child. The Question is can this Woman be continue with the sacrament of the matrimony; receiving holy communion?
with the Knowlage that the man has his wife before.


If a spouse passes away, the other spouse is free to marry. The sacrament of matrimony is “until death do us part.” death will signal the end of earthly marriage and its purposes 1) to beget children and 2) help spouses advance toward holiness. Life in heaven will no longer require populating the church and sanctifying spouse. Rather, the righteous will live like angels, who beget no offspring and worship God continually. (Mt 22:30) So as you see, her husband is no longer married to her. She is still free to re-marry because she can still populate the church and she still needs a spouse to help her grow in holiness. :thumbsup:


The woman is free to marry.

If I understand your question, the man has been married before. You don’t say if there was a divorce or if the wife died. If the first wife is still living, then the man is not free to marry until/unless the man receives a decree of nullity.

Also, the man is the brother of the woman’s late husband. This means their relationship is prohibited by Catholic Canon Law under the impediment of affinity. What this means is, the blood relatives of a husband and wife are considered to be relatives of each other. This impediment can be dispensed by the Bishop.


There is no impediment of affinity in this case. Affinity only applies in the direct line, whereas the brother is in the collateral line to the dead husband.


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