Woman saved by lightning strike

**Woman saved by lightning strike **

A WOMAN suffering from a deadly heart condition got two shocks when she was struck by lightning - after it cured her illness.

Nada Acimovich, 51, was battling arrhythmia — an irregular heartbeat that can be a killer — before she was zapped.

The condition — which Tony Blair had treatment for five years ago — is normally treated with mild electric shocks to reset the heart’s rhythm.

Nada, of Sljivovica, Serbia, was saved from death thanks to her rubber-soled shoes. And it is believed the force of the electric jolt put her heart back to normal.

One doctor said: “In the first place she’s lucky to be alive because of the lightning strike, but she’s now going to live for much longer too.”



Well, God set Mother Nature into motion. Maybe Mother Nature “God-incidentally” helped out.

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