Woman shot at Renton movie theater



A man who police say shot and critically wounded a woman inside a movie theater in Renton Thursday night is in custody. The victim was upgraded to serious condition Friday morning.

The suspect told detectives the shooting was an accident that took place when he dropped his gun. The man reportedly said the gun fired when it fell to the ground. He also said he’d been drinking before the shooting.

Renton police said the suspect had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.


Praying for her health & recovery.


Alcohol and guns…never a good mix.


We will probably never know, but I doubt that story accurately represents what happened. When it comes to “accidental” shootings, I suspect in most instances, what actually happened was the perpetrator pointed a firearm at someone and then pressed/pulled the trigger. Therefore, “negligent” or “intentional”, but not “accidental”.


I tend to agree with that.


According to the story, the person is legally allowed to have a concealed weapon. I hear consistently around here how I have nothing to fear from the law-abiding citizens carrying concealed weapons. This story seems to indicate something different.


Is there a rash of shootings (accidental or otherwise) by law abiding citizens?

And I hardly think this case was lawful. A law was broken here.


Renton police say the suspect, who appeared intoxicated, went to the showing of “13 Hours.”



Some people here have claimed that we have nothing to fear from a citizen that is legally carrying and yet here is a clear example that we do have something to fear. Maybe if this fellow wasn’t carrying a weapon, he wouldn’t have accidentally shot someone.


I disagree. Maybe if he wasn’t drunk in public he might not have harmed anyone.


So you don’t the problem was the gun, but the drinking?


Does drunkenness make any situation better? Driving, shooting, arguing, sex, even walking are worse with excessive drinking. Treat the crazy argument that intoxication can be a good thing to mitigate the consequences. The same applies to other drugs, including pot.


If only there’d been someone in the theatre, licensed to carry a gun, to prevent this terrible incident. . . .

Oh, wait. . .


Did the gun jump out of its holster? Was the man too drunk to wrassle with his unruly gun? You might be right. Clearly the gun was the culprit here.


So, we should expect to hear some calls for tough new restrictions/ regulations on alcohol? NOT a ban though LOL


So, what we learned is that anyone can conceal and carry and some of them might not have the judgement to not get drunk and handle that responsibility well and might start fiddling with their weapon in a theater and accidentally shoot someone.

Maybe there should be places that people don’t bring guns.


I know I feel safer now.


What we learned is that anyone can get a drivers license and some of them might not have the judgement to not get drunk and handle that responsibility well and might start fiddling with a vehicle and accidentally hit someone with it.

Or matches. Or knives. Or fertilizer.

Seriously, the gun isn’t the issue here.


Yes, the gun is the issue. We’ve been told how people being able to conceal carry will make us safer. Every time a mass shooting happens, there’s someone on this forum claiming conceal carry would have stopped it. Now, this guy has a gun in a crowded theater and shoots someone on accident. So there is a price for conceal carry and it needs to be part of the conversation.


You seem to ignore the fact alcohol was involved. They aren’t inseparable.

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