Woman standing at my bedside


If this thread has to be moved, sorry to the staff. A few weeks ago I woke at morning to see a feminine figure with long hair standing at the side of my bed. This wasn’t any type of “visual hallucination brought on by just waking up”. She was there. What has me confused though is who she was and whether she means me harm or not. How do you tell in this situation if the woman I encountered was demonic or not?


It is best not to make anything of such things. Probably nothing to do with heaven, so I’d pray the St. Michael Prayer (he helped me with a similar occurrence). Things that are of God do not play tricks on people by appearing and disappearing with no way for you to know what it’s about. Be sure to keep your heart pure and your intentions true, and let such things alone.


I see the sense with that but by human nature I’m still curious.


You know the old saying about curiosity and the cat…

Better to take up Morning and Evening Prayer or the Rosary or daily Mass readings than to wonder about odd things that will do nothing to help you grow in virtue or draw you closer to union with God and love of neighbor. :wink:


its like what the saints say “If you are from the devil, leave me!” and throw holy water on it.
thats what I’d do lol


Wasn’t it Saint Paul who said that any spirit that is of God will proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord and such a proclamation can only be made by the Holy Spirit. Literally demons can’t even say the words.

Demons work their way into your life taking babysteps that usually work in the following order:

  1. If they can make you curious, then you start to open up to their presence
  2. if you start to open up to their presence then they have ‘permission’ to be around you.
  3. If they have permission to be around you they can begin to harass you
  4. Through harassment either directly or indirectly they start to break you down.
  5. Eventually they will try to gain entry to your person through trust so you invite them in because you think it is an angel or a family member OR through fear as they start haunting you and attacking you waiting for you to sin and keep prying the door wider and wider…

At each step along this path it gets harder and harder to get rid of the demons. More work, more prayer…

It takes years of study along with a very clear and utterly honest view of your own soul to properly discern such a spirit. (See the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatious.) Because our souls find comfort around spirits that are in the same state as our own soul.

Basically you have to first know the state of your own soul because our souls, like human beings in general, is comfortable around other spirits similar to it:

  • If your soul is in a state of sin, then unclean souls feel comfortable to it.
  • If your soul is in a state of grace then unclean souls feel uncomfortable to it.

After you determine that, and it takes a long time to really make an effort to truly awknowledge your imperfections and clean up your soul through confessions and work. You need to get control over your thoughts and emotions and your food intake. Basically you need to be driven by your will to do good and the right things. You also need to learn scripture forwards and backwards as that IS the word of God and it can help you to judge spirits.

Only after this you can begin the process of learning how to pay attention to the movements of your soul. This is NOT your emotions but your inner most quiet place, your soul. Once you understand this and you are faced with a spirit you can pay attention to how your soul reacts and then this can help you to judge the spirit before you.

BUT to get to this place takes years of work and a good solid spiritual mentor and/or a Priest. Lots of work.

On a very practical level I will tell you that I don’t believe what you saw was a good spirit and / or angel by any means. Seriously if you think about the bible you never hear of a person seeing such a thing nad it disappears. Angels come to deliver messages, not to disappear.

If I were you I would pray the Lord’s Prayer where at the end it says “deliver me from evil.” Each night before bed. Try not to think about it nad try not to be curious about it. I know that is hard though.

I hope this helps.
God Bless!


If you ever see her again, ask her to repeat “Blessed be Jesus and Mary”. That’s what St Gemma did and it seemed to work :slight_smile: if it’s from God, she should repeat it perfectly, with no parts missing. Also, cross yourself, and have some holy water… maybe sprinkle the holy water on her? I don’t know lol… also, I’d talk to a priest or spiritual director that you trust.

But if you never see her again, don’t think about it. Don’t focus on it at all, just focus on God. Keep on praying, and as others have said, try to keep your soul and intentions pure, - go to confession, be careful with sin, etc.

God bless


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