Woman to get Hubby's Sperm

Will we ever learn?

"Woman to get hubby’s sperm

ROME - PROMINENT Italian gynaecologist Severino Antinori will artificially inseminate a woman with the sperm of her comatose husband, in a first in Italy that has drawn Vatican criticism, press reports said on Wednesday.

‘I decided to act because … there’s a woman who wants to become a mother to overcome the immense sadness’ brought about by the brain cancer that put her husband in a coma, Dr Antinori told the leading Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

He is well known in Italy for controversially helping post-menopausal women to bear children, earning himself the nickname of ‘the grandmother’s obstetrician.’ The in vitro fertilisation of the woman will be the first in Italy using the sperm of a man in a coma, Corriere said.

Dr Antinori, who extracted the sperm on Tuesday, told reporters he would carry out the procedure in about a month.

The daily La Repubblica reported that the couple live in Vigevano, northern Italy, and that the husband is 35 and the wife is 32.

The couple had decided to have a child when the husband developed brain cancer a month ago, the report said.

Dr Antinori said he is protected by a court decree authorising the extraction of the sperm as well as a law on assisted procreation.

But a Vatican prelate blasted the plan as ‘illegal.’

‘The consent of both parents is needed for an act of procreation. In this case the husband is treated merely as a receptacle of cells,’ Monsignor Elio Sgreccia, the president emeritus of the Pontifical Academy for Life, told Corriere. – AFP"

Source: straitstimes.com/print/Breaking+News/World/Story/STIStory_340020.html

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