Woman who accused Trump of raping her at 13 drops lawsuit


A woman who had accused Donald Trump of raping her when she was a 13-year-old dropped her lawsuit against the Republican nominee on Friday.

One of the accuser’s attorneys, Thomas Meagher, filed a one-page voluntary dismissal in district court in New York late Friday. Neither he nor a second attorney listed immediately responded to questions about the document.

The woman, who had filed suit earlier this year under the pseudonym Jane Doe, had alleged that Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein had raped her in 1994, when she was a 13-year-old aspiring model.



One thing I think everyone can agree on, is that politics is a dirty game.


Funny how these accusations are popping like helium balloons in a room with a porcupine ceiling.


Wonder if she was paid hush money?


A number of days ago she was to appear at a press conference. It was cancelled because she was supposedly too afraid to speak.

Supposedly this woman was involved with Jeffrey Epstein (spelling I hope is correct) who is a convicted pedophile/ billionaire. She placed Trump at his parties, allegedly.

Jeffrey Epstein is a pretty creepy person.


That’s what’s so awful about this. She’s accusing two billionaires, one of whom is a convicted pedophile, and one who has a rather flexible sense of morality when it comes to sex. So it’s wholly plausible, and she could have been threatened or intimidated or bought off. Or this could be an example of “politics is a dirty game,” and she could be viciously slandering someone who’s completely innocent for low political purposes. It’s depressing to even ponder.


I wonder if she made the whole story up and her conscience is getting to her?


But a seemingly good friend of Billy Jefferson Clinton as Clinton was a frequent flier on the Lolita express with ol’ Jeffery


And friends with trump too as per his own words.


I think this election has pulled back the curtain on how the elites running this country are totally inbred. All grifters with their snouts in the public trough and a hand out for (bribes) I mean gifts.


Yep and oh so close to the election.


Waiting for the libel charges to fly on the 9th…


The guy who is coordinating this attack sounds like an utter loon:



Thanks for the link, I didn’t know much about this guy until now. Yep sounds odd of course at BEST…


More likely she was only paid to file the lawsuit. Any damage it can do is already done.

I expect it’s baseless since not a shred of corroborating evidence has been provided. Also, Epstein kept detailed records of his abuse victims, and she wasn’t included (so I read)


According to her attorney, she received death threats and decided to drop the case because of them.


Highly improbable, both in premise and in conclusion.


I’m not sure why you’d think so.


Not really, considering the lows that so many Trump supporters have historically stooped to.


Guys, really. Are we Catholics or aren’t we? Just about every post here has already judged the woman to be a liar, even though Trump’s own admissions lend plenty of credence to her claims. I am not saying that all the accusations against Trump are true; just that it is far more common for perpetrators to lie about committing a crime than it is for an alleged victim to put forth a false accusation. This whole “why did she wait until now?” attitude only perpetuates rape culture, and makes it all the more difficult for victims to come forward. It’s a trend with victims of celebrities to wait until their abuser’s crimes have been exposed to some degree: just look at Bill Cosby.

Jesus weeps.

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