Woman who cut fetus from mother's womb convicted of attempted murder


(CNN)A Colorado woman accused of cutting an unborn baby from its mother’s womb was convicted Tuesday on all counts, including attempted murder.

A jury in Boulder found former nurse’s aide Dynel Lane, 35, guilty in the attack on Michelle Wilkins at Lane’s home last year. Wilkins, who was seven months pregnant, survived the attack but her unborn baby – a girl – did not.

District Court Chief Judge Maria Berkenkotter will sentence Lane on April 29. Lane faces a minimum of 16 years in prison, but prosecutors plan to ask for more.



I am thankful the mother survived, but how do you get over something so horrible? I still think the woman who committed this crime should have been charged with murder of the unborn baby.


This is all quite rational. The nurse’s aide couldn’t have her own baby so she tried to take someone else’s. What a lunatic! The story reads like a Lifetime movie. She should at the very least be placed in a psychiatric institution for treatment.


If you’ve read about her, then you would see that the woman is obviously mentally ill. For some, the desire to have a child is so strong that it will cause them to do things like this and the fact is that she isn’t the only woman who has ever done such a thing. It’s sad all around.


I pray foe Michelle Wilkins every day,my heart just breaks for her:(I agree this perpetrator should have been charged with murder,especially since her own husband stated he saw the baby breathing when he got home!
We have a very liberal gov.here in Colorado and the news outlets consistently referred to the baby as a fetus,:mad::frowning:


this mother who lost her baby in such a cruel way needs our prayers. I can’t imagine going through anything like that and keeping my sanity.
I hope the perpetrator gets a maximum sentence.
It boggles the mind how you can refer to a 7 month old unborn baby as a fetus. many babies survive being born early at 6 or 7 months. And if the husband saw the baby breathing when he got home the baby had been alive and perhaps would have survived if given immediate medical care after the attack.


It is a semantics game ,to protect the notion that a fetus isn’t a baby until it is born,otherwise the pro aborts would lose their cover,even though the cover has been lifted,just not in the eyes of the law.:mad:


Strange. I would think a true Catholic would hope that the woman at least gets the help that she needs instead of just tossing another lost soul out on the dung heap.


Are the two mutually exclusive?


I am in full agreement with you.


They are hypocrites, I assume they are upset the murder charge was brought then? if its not a real baby/ life, then how can a murder charge stand?

Seems like all the liberals and feminists in CO would be outraged at the prosecutor for charging murder when its not a real life…??


She was charged with attempted murder on the mother’s life,Michelle Wilkens.
There were no charges brought against her for murdering the baby,because one it wasn’t a baby until it was outside the womb:rolleyes:additionally,the coroner didn’t see any signs that the baby was alive when ripped from the womb,even though the perps husband saw the baby breathing.No,the fix was in not to even go there.
There is another woman who while pregnant,almost nine months I believe,who was hit by a drunk driver.Her baby Brady died as a result.He too got no justice,as he still in the womb when he died.She is trying to push through a law titled Brady’s Law,for cases like these.So far it has been struck down.Thevpowerful pro abort lobby,can’t allow something like this to become law.


OH, I read that wrong then, I thought they were charging her with the babies life, looks like the precedent is being set for future cases. There are still plenty of other states that charge a killer with 2 counts of murder when a pregnant woman is killed, Ive never understood how they can do that and get away with it.


Oh, I don’t know…do you think it better to just toss her in jail forgotten for the rest of her life without any regard for her mental well being or perhaps, just perhaps, give her the help she needs to treat the illness that caused her to commit such a crime in the first place? I think I know which one Pope Francis would choose; do you?




She deserves such treatment. No doubt
The mother also deserves knowing that this will come while she is in jail.


Again,it isn’t an either or,both concerns can be addressed.Christ calls for justice as well as compassion.


Then I suggest you reread some of the earlier posts that simply want to see the woman thrown in jail for a long, long time. There is a clear lack of both concerns being addressed.


are you saying I am not a true Catholic because I feel the woman merits punishment for cutting a pregnant woman’s stomach open to steal the baby? they obviously found her mentally fit to stand trial.


why does she deserve any more special treatment than others in prison? I would say most people in prison need help. I am not hear to solve the problems of our prisons which are many or imprisonment vs. being institutionalized. this woman didn’t have a degree to practice medicine and obviously didn’t care whether the mother survived or not. she plotted this to draw a pregnant woman to her house to perform a terrible act. no different than a rapist stalking his victim or a serial killer.

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