Womans abortion video posted online



A woman who filmed her abortion procedure has sparked backlash and debate over her decision. Many women online had strong reactions to her video as some called it “disgusting” while others thanked her for sharing her story.

25-year-old Emily Letts is seen in the video having the procedure after explaining she is “not ready to have children”.

Not ready to have children but ready to have sex!!! Why do people think that sex is not a ‘high risk’ activity? Think decisions through, don’t let base instincts take over resulting in abortion being used as a lifestyle preserver and birth control method.

Lord have mercy on her soul and accept this innocent babies soul into your heavenly kingdom. :signofcross:


My girlfriend told me about the this story yesterday. As she was reading it to me, it seemed so outrageous that I called “fake.” Sadly, it appears to be the real thing…


Maybe it’s a good thing to show such. I know seeing fetal parts does convince some people to be against this.

Having sex is currently seen as a basic human right. So it’s akin to breathing, sleeping, etc. It’s kind of funny because lefties in the past saw work as more of a right, now lefties see the right to fornicate as a basic right, and work – well tough, there are food stamps for that, unless it comes to protected groups in which case things like AA are encouraged.

Woman is adult. She can drive a car. She can vote. She can operate dangerous machinery. Shoot a gun. She could skydive. She can consent to any surgical procedure. She can drink herself to death. She can smoke herself to death.

But in this case the baby pays with his/her life.

As libtard atheist leftists say “I have lost my faith in humanity”, I never had that sort of faith. That people can kill their kids this way just reinforces our pathetic, fallen nature.


In a land where abortion is legal and controversial it is expected that a woman would make this type of video.

I pray for her and grieve for the baby who was murdered.

May the Lord remove the social illness of abortion from our world.


Madness is becoming the norm. :frowning: Rob


Excerpts from Kathy Schiffer’s blog, Seasons of Grace:

Letts’ film is a happy-clappy, nonjudgmental, non-reflective and unrepentant reinterpretation of what really happens during an abortion. She says she “wanted women to see what abortion was like”–but the film, first place winner in the Abortion Care Network’s macabre “Stigma Busting Video Competition”, focuses exclusively on her.
We never see the doctor, never see the “uterine contents” carried off in a bucket, arms and legs jutting out, disposed of as medical waste.

Last lines of Lett’s video:
“I don’t feel like a bad person. I don’t feel sad. I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby.
“I can make a life. I knew what I was going to do was right because it was right for me and no one else. I just wanna share my story.”


The fact she does not show the “uterine contents” demonstrates she really does not want
abortion discussed.


Well, it is self worship then. Egotism. But such is the appearance of the popular culture these days in the West.


Very often I say that the older I get the less I can understand why some people would do the things they do – this is one of them- – WHY would you film an abortion???


Here is some info. re: the group who honored Ms Letts 1st place winner of their Stigma Busting Video Competition.
The Abortion Care Network is a group of independent abortion providers, as well as organizations and individuals who support those seeking abortion care, that aims to create “public and private opportunities to challenge the stigma surrounding abortion.”



It would be one thing if she was neutral or professional about it, but she acts like a giddy child stuck in the teenage rebellion stage of development. Pray for her to grow up. Don’t they have a 3 year birth control implant available now?


Praying for this murdered child & her mother.


I pray this woman would come to her senses and realize the gravity of what she has just done. I pray that this video does not influence anyone else to have an abortion. I pray she comes to repentance and the Church. Amen. :signofcross:

I read an article once about how the woman in Roe vs. Wade is now pro-life. Miracles do happen.


I can’t believe this:mad:

Common sense is dead with this one.




The fact that people praise her for this and her cognitive dissonance where she acknowledges she created life is disconcerting. She just snuffed that life out and tried to convince poor young women it was like a manicure.

As Tolkien would say, “The Shadow is upon us.”

As I’m in a Lord of the Rings mood, I’m reminded of when Dayton had the Numenoreans sacrificing people in the temple he got them to build to Morgoth. Sickening.


i saw that thumbnail on yahoo, didnt even bother to click it, just insane … The topic of abortion is one thing, to then try and capture it in a video an i suspected the video was more of either a shock factor or to try an show that abortion didn’t some how ruin her life… i would be more critical to analyze if i was really to get at the root of this, who this woman really is, what if any political affiliations does she have, who or did anyone pay her to make the video, and why in the end would a " medical professional aka the doctor who performed it " consent to filming this ?

more to the video than just the shock n awe of it, but in the end i skimed over the headline an didnt click it.


She is still young and I don’t think she is aware of the gravity of what she has done. I saw a picture if her. I have no desire to see the video.

May God have mercy on her soul.

I pray someday she will see abortion for what it really is and repent and become a pro life advocate.

She might have been giddy and smiling for the camera now, but I know there will be many moments to come when she is alone
and what she did will haunt her.


Absolutely vile. This is another desperate plea for attention from a sick wannabe actress/celebrity. She doesn’t need our attention; she needs our prayers…badly.


I agree. And prayers for her little baby whose life she terminated as well.

I prefer not to give too much thought to this woman and what she did because she does not deserve the attention.


She and her baby are victims of the lies perpetuated by our society. We all know who is at the heart of it. All we can and should do is pray for her. Watching her, I think she is in complete denial about how this has affected her, and she will, someday, come to deeply regret this.

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