Woman's Own Adult Stem Cells Used for Breast Enlargement

Doctors in the UK (and Japan for the last 6 years) will now be implanting adult stem cells to help with breast enlargement. The breasts are supposed to be more natural than the artificial implants. See “A New Reason to Support Adult Stem Cell Research

Cool, LOL. :extrahappy:

This is good news for those who have had to have a mastectomy. However, breast enhancement for cosmetic purposes (not reconstruction) is not morally licit.

Really? Honestly, I don’t know.

Agreed. If it is used for reconstruction or to correct deformities, I see it as licit. As for “enhancement” that is playing to one’s vanity and should not be allowed.

Of course, with the immoral nature of society today, "enhancement will get the fast track while the reconstruction and correction will be stonewalled.

I do. See above.

I agree, but maybe this will open up our countries eyes to the really cure of adult stem cells vs the nothing is happening but we will still spend thousands of dollars on embryonic stem cells. Even though there are some in government (clinton) who don’t think this is going to kill a child even though embryos are infact children.:confused:

I am just so excited to hear about all the wonderful news coming from resource of adult stem cells.:thumbsup:

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