Womb to tomb issues


Could you tell me the different issues that are included in Womb to Tomb such as Abortion, Euthanasia.


I mean if I understand what you are asking, the umbrella of the dignity of the human person covers many things… From abortion, to the healthcare, education, and gainful employment of that child, and then the ability of that person to live out their life as God willed it without euthanasia or capital punishment ending it early.


In our Catholic teaching it is often mentioned that the respect life issues are not just abortion and euthanasia. I understand that womb to tomb is an umbrella for all the issues. But my question is is there a list of these issue’s ? We will be sitting down with our youth group and I need to get more of an understanding of what issues do we include in our discussions?


If you google ‘7 principles of Catholic social teaching’ that will most likely give you a start.


Thank you, I will check into that in google


Christians would generally not use a slang term like “womb to tomb.” It is a take off on the British socialist term “cradle to grave.” Catholics would say something like “respect human life and dignity at all stages.”

See, for example, Benedict XVI’s Caritas in veritate “Charity in Truth”



ALL life from the moment of conception to natural death is to be respected, protected and in NO way to be harmed by anyone.


Both are covered by the 5th Commandment: Thou SHALT NOT KILL


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