Womb Transplants

I read today that in Sweden nine women, as part of a pioneering trial, are receiving womb transplants.
Is this something that would be permitted under Church doctrine like other organ transplants or would this possibly be viewed as an artificial means (albeit a real womb) to help a woman conceive.
To me it sounds like this would be okay.
An opinions on this?

I think we will need to wait for the Church to learn the details of this procedure and provide a teaching.

For example, what happens to eggs during this process?

If it’s just the uterus, it would probably be fine. However, if it involves the ovaries as well, I doubt it would be allowed. We’ll have to see.

As far as I’m aware, they can’t connect the implanted womb to the woman’s Fallopian tubes, so she has to undergo IVF anyway, which is a mortal sin. Since she can’t get pregnant through moral means even with the transplant, I would advise against obtaining one. But it may very well be moral to have the transplant done [as you are merely replacing a lost organ], provided the transplant recipient does not engage in immoral reproductive technology. It just leads to huge temptation to commit mortal sin via IVF.

I re-read the article and you are right.

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