Women and being immodest

Ok so here’s what’s up. Is it a sin for girls to wear short shorts that are short enough that when they bend over (without bending their knees) you can see their butt? Is this dressing immodestly? Or would one be too critical on what a girl wears?

YES! End of discussion.

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Depends on who the girl is. If you’re telling your girlfriend/wife how to dress, you might think again regardless of whether it is a sin.

Well why would you want to wear something like that?? I always look for shorts that are a little bit longer than short shorts (they do exist and still look cute), so i don’t have to worry about people seeing my cellulite

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yes it is immodest.

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Is a guy who goes shirtless to play a game of “shirts vs skins” immodest? Why is a girl any different? It’s not my fault that people can’t overlook a pair of breasts.

Just being difficult, not saying I feel this way. :wink:

Men give women more attention when they dress that way. Ive seen what the OP is describing plenty of times in college. I think some women dress as if they are looking for some action like a working girl on the streets would. It is sad since they attract the wrong crowd and they get attention but from the lowest common denominator. The good guys can see it and they stay away. Immodest is a recipe for trouble.

This actually brings up a good point: we hear often about immodest clothes being worn by women but hardly ever about men. Even though women may not be as visual surely there must be clothes that men wear that women find immodest. Then again men dont typically need to go to the same extremes to try to attract attention from girls.

This actually brings up a good point: we hear often about immodest clothes being worn by women but hardly ever about men.

Finally, a man recognizes the impossible standard!

Then again men don’t typically need to go to the same extremes to try to attract attention from girls.

Nope…I find that loose knee-length running shorts and a tee (so easy this spring), a sculpted wrist, soulful eyes, etc. can cause me to thank God for a beautiful creation and then need to avert my eyes and thoughts.

So, if we’re going to proscribe lengths of shorts/skirts and cuts of blouses for women, perhaps guys should go around in loose-fitting pants, long sleeves, and sunglasses.

But really, it comes down to self-control of the observer and the intent of the wearer. The joggers are not sinning if they’re just wearing their uniform for functionality, but I could be sinning if I let my thoughts linger. And if an endowed woman deliberately picks a blouse because it shows off the girls, then she’s trying to lead others into sin, which is not appropriate.

In other words…chastity/purity is dependent on one’s own mind, not clothing!

As parents, our children have been entrusted to us by God, it is our duty to help them get to heaven.:thumbsup:

When my mom found something of mine that she thought was immodest, she called me over and cut it up so I could not wear it again. I am glad that she did because it helped keep me out of trouble.:clapping:

We are suppose to help each other (even strangers) get to heaven not try to hurt them, even spiritually.
It is a sin on us if we cause another to sin. We should not want to cause someone to even think improper thoughts because of something we wear or do.:knight2:

Yes, immodest and kinda gross. The kind of men she would attract wouldn’t respect her.

The question really becomes, why is a girl dressing like that? Is she dressing like that to attract the guys? If she is giving them a “show” or “taste” of what they will get if they date her, it is very obviously a sin. Even if she is a devout Christian girl, she is really committing a sin against the 8th commandment because she is advertising herself when she doesn’t intend to “sell the goods.” And, if she does intend to “sell the goods” then she’s sinning there too.

However, if she is a tall girl (not many out there, but I am one of them) who cannot seem to find long enough shorts, and it’s a hot day, then there’s really nothing wrong with it. And, let’s face it, the stores want to sell sex because they know that most American teenagers will buy it. And, American teenagers are their biggest customer base. It’s all about bottom lines there. No pun intended.

I think it is excessively critical, to denigrate other people’s choice of clothing. We might have aesthetic issues with how someone else looks, but it is rather judgmental to make a moral issue of short shorts.

In the summer, I spend a lot of time in short shorts, myself, for yard work and bicycling. It does not compromise my moral standards, but rather keeps me cool and comfortable.

This question was regarding short shorts; short shorts that are so short that they show the woman’s butt cheeks when she bends over.

I too wear short shorts, but not THAT short…that’s just nasty!!!

Yes, my shorts are very short. (2" inseam) I keep my butt cheeks to myself, though.

2" inseam is pushing the modesty envelope quite a bit. :stuck_out_tongue: I am also tall and able to find more modest short shorts…like 4 inches inseam in all the fashion stores.

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