Women and pants


I know this is a bit of a controversial topic but im honestly confused on the stance on women’s pants.
On one hand I know Saint Padre Pio sent a women home for selling pants to women and told her to get rid of them https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://catholicismpure.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/padre-pio-g-k-chesterton-and-women-who-wear-trousers/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwiku4TD_ozfAhUnxoMKHU8tDqAQFjACegQIBxAB&usg=AOvVaw2AAiV2sxrDsH85SFDV6Zoz&ampcf=1&cshid=1544161114934
On the other hand Pope Pius XI (i dont know how to do Roman Numbers) seems to be conflicting. Is this not the orginal copy? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.olvrc.com/reference/documents/Modesty.Pius.XI.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjT5Yr6gY3fAhUs0YMKHW8dDCcQFjAAegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw2GMLR3rWyFUPmgpHxUDIdt&cshid=1544161502987


The Catholic Church has no teaching on women wearing pants. There’s no problem with it. Individuals may have had differing opinions over the centuries. You’re not bound by them.


Didn’t Our Lord, St. John the Baptist, and the apostles where robes, not pants?
Thus it is a grave, horrible sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance for a man to wear pants…

Even saints are products of their culture and time. What traditionalist Catholic women wear to the typical EF Mass would be beyond the pale of indecency and scandal in Saudi Arabia (face exposed!?! hands exposed??? the occasion of sin just too much!)…modesty, including whether women should wear pants, is very culturally relative.


I think the Lord would approve of men in kilts…

(Must be at or below the knee for modesty!)


I was at a Traditional Latin Mass the other night where many of the women were wearing pants, including myself, because it was cold outside. Nobody batted an eye.

Modest pants that aren’t revealing (as in super-low-cut, or so tight you can see a cameltoe, or with big holes cut out to show the rump cheeks, etc. ) are fine.


Beware if you are a builder .


Once when working diligently in a bending position @Rob2 I heard a passer by say “well at least I know where I can park my bike.” After a few minutes I suddenly realised what he meant! :rofl:


Haha, “rump.”

But yes, lots of people throughout the centuries have had opinions on lots of things. Saints and popes, wise and holy though they may have been, were still products of a particular time and place. You’re not bound by their take on fashion.


There is nothing controversial about women wearing pants. Anyone who says it is immoral is simply wrong.

This potentially includes Padre Pio. It is possible the story you link to is not accurate or missing key context. However, being a saint does not mean every action taken on Earth was correct, and chastising a woman for wearing pants may be such a example.


In fairness, Padre Pio came of age in a place and time where women wearing trousers, or even skirts above the knee, was a lot more edgy and racy than it is today. Padre Pio could also read people’s hearts and it may well be that there was a lot more going on with that woman and her pants store than just selling pants.


I live in jeans in the winter. I have a couple of dresses for state occasions, but when it’s cold and windy, I wear pants. No priest has ever said anything about it to me.

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My ONLY issue is that they are not too tight, too revealing at the waist (low cut) or have holes or tears. .

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I sure hope it’s ok because ain’t nobody seeing these legs and no way I’m putting on scratchy panty hose!
I’ll wear dress slacks or those comfy, flowing pants that kinda look skirtesque.


Fashion 100 years ago, or 50 years ago,
and fashion today are not the same thing. It evolves.

What one saint or another had to say about it is really not relevant. The church has no teaching that women cannot wear pants.


That was before pants were invented.


The word “leg” or “legs” occurs nowhere in the NT, with the single exception of the Passion narrative in John (“break their legs,” John 19:31-33). In the Apostolic period when the books of the NT were being written, can “legs” have been a taboo word to be avoided in polite company, as it was later in Victorian England?


Well, they’d been invented, but they were only worn by heathen savages in remote outposts of Empire such as Gaul. Civilized, law-abiding, well-behaved Roman citizens would never allow themselves to be seen in public so improperly dressed.

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Though I never left the Church, I went through a period of time where I neglected the sacrament of Confession and wasn’t at all clear on Church teaching. I am talking decades here. When, through the Holy Spirit, I realized my serious error. I returned to Confession and soon after, I started going to daily Mass. (At this point in my life, I am able to do that.) Then I went through a phase where I would remember past sins. Well, this led to another phase where I was trying so hard to do everything right that I was almost looking for things that I was wrong about. Should women wear pants? Is it a sin not to veil? Is it wrong to say the Glorious Mysteries on Sorrowful Mysteries day? These are just a few examples. I would search the Internet,and of course, find conflicting answers. Does any of this sound familiar? One time in Confession, my priest told me that he was worried that I was becoming scrupulous. I continued on this path for awhile longer. Finally, one day, I broke down in tears—feeling I could never do everything the right way. I had a big heart-to-heart with Jesus and told him how very much I wanted to be obedient, but that I was driving myself crazy trying to be perfect in my practice of the faith. I asked him to show me if I was doing something that displeased him but told him that I was going to quit looking for things on the Internet that I’m potentially wrong about. I felt peace and love from Jesus. Now, I still will have days that I over think the little things, but nothing like I was doing before. I wear pants. I don’t veil, although I haven’t ruled out the possibility. I usually say the “assigned” mysteries of the day, although I know full well that it wouldn’t be wrong to do otherwise. I will pray for you at Mass this morning for the grace to be at peace with some of these things that you are pondering. God loves you and he knows your heart.


Women are wearing pants?


no… women wear ‘slacks’. :grinning:

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