Women and the SBC: Carter vs Land


Does the Southern Baptist Convention discriminate against women?

Joe E. Trull
Does the Southern Baptist Convention discriminate against women? President Jimmy Carter says, “Yes.” Richard Land, SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission president, says “No,” and adds a few disrespectful remarks about the former U. S. president.

Two weeks ago, the former chief executive spoke to what was billed as the “world’s largest Bible study class” during the centennial meeting of the Baptist World Congress in Birmingham, England.

“Despite the fact that Jesus Christ was the greatest liberator of women, some male leaders of the Christian faith have continued the unwarranted practice of sexual discrimination, derogating women and depriving them of their equal rights to serve God,” Carter asserted.

In an AgapePress article by Allie Martin, Richard Land responded: “It’s some surprise when former President Carter gets something right, not when he gets something wrong.”

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