Women are encouraging each other to get IUDs before Trump becomes president




:bighanky: Even teenagers they are recommending this to. :frowning:


I stopped reading after the first line


This is very sad. When are people going to realize that contraception usage to prevent pregnancy is gravely sinful? I know that many people don’t believe that contraception usage to prevent pregnancy is gravely sinful but that doesn’t change the objective fact that it is.


Sickening. No thought at all to what happens to a preborn little girl. No rights for her. It’s only “women’s healthcare.” I’m afraid the result of this election won’t reverse a thing. Right and decent will never be restored in a culture so steeped in such gross selfishness, lust, and gluttony. All they will ever think of is how their own “rights” are being “threatened.” They are overreacting. I almost just wish Hillary had gotten in, if it will mean four years of ridiculousness like this. Damned either way.


Why are things like this considered just part of women’s health? It’s not like anybody has ever died from lack of sex.


That is certainly a defeatist attitude. The tables have been turned and you already want to throw your hands up? I guess you can’t please all of the people. :rolleyes:


It is called “SFGate” because the name “The Onion” was already taken.


Oh please, a run on IUDs! As though Obamacare ushered in artificial birth control for the first time ever in history. The drama-queening is only beginning. Somehow, in the days before Obamacare, women who wanted IUDs obtained them. More to the point, obtaining IUDs was THEIR problem to solve and their business to obtain them, and not the taxpayer’s business to pay for or otherwise subsidize.


I would have thought most women already had an IUD, anyway.
I’m glad just keeping my legs closed works for me.


Why does the modern progressive movement do anything that they do? :sigh:


You are absolutely correct; Society and the media promote sex sex sex. which is why in my opinion people feel they have to jump in bed with someone early in the relationship.


You are right of course, but these people lack the basic understanding of human dignity and the meaning of sex needed to reach that conclusion. To them the Church’s position on contraception is just a rule to prevent them from having fun without consequences. Much more needs to be done on the basics before we can convince anyone that contraception is immoral, including a large number of Catholics.


If they don’t want to get pregnant, then don’t have sex. Easy peasy.


IUD’s are abortifacient.

Why should insurance and we pay for other people’s contraception?






We aren’t damned either way, we have had a major victory for the unborn with the USA’s election, I am stoked. We still have a long way to go in changing the hearts and minds of the rest of the populace and closing down these abortion clinics no doubt, I like Winston Churchill’s words though when we claimed the first major victory against Nazi Germany in WWII.

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

  • Winston Churchill, November, 10, 1942. Mansion House, London.

Have faith. We all knew this wasn’t going to be turned around overnight.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

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Ah yes. Someone posted this last night on FB. I sent a long reply, mainly relaying why it isn’t a Christian value. (I.e., I went into the history.) It wasn’t the most clear, but I was just trying to get my points out quickly. The first shot is pretty much the only one you get. I expected a lot of replies this morning, but when I got on I couldn’t find it. I wonder if it was taken down.


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