Women beating up men in movies...tv shows....why?

Is it me…or has there been a sudden surge of women beating up men in various tv shows…movies…etc? Alias comes to mind…and last night, I saw a Law and Order rerun where the female main character kicks the living…out of the guy she arrested, while she is interrogating him. I also notice how men are put down in commercials, made to look stupid and sniveling. I don’t think either sex needs to be beating each other up, and this shouldn’t be considered entertaining. If it were a man beating up a woman – women’s rights groups would be up in arms. I just think that something is grossly wrong here…when did women beating up men become entertainment? When did making men look stupid, and lazy become entertainment? (ie: Everyone Loves Raymond, etc…) A commercial comes to mind, where a woman is angry with her husband…and the next time you see him–he has a black eye…from his wife??? (can’t think of the product being advertised, but it’s a popular commercial)

Just makes me wonder…why is this happening? And is this some perverse way that the media feels women *should *be portrayed? Granted, there are lots of good shows on tv…but there is plenty of this junk.

Just wait til The Bionic Woman shows up in the Fall.:smiley:

I remember the Bionic Woman (even had the doll shhh) And, I don’t recall the show revolving around her beating up men. Women in police roles in tv shows, using their role to fight crime is a bit different though, from what I mean…or even superheroes, fighting crime, and ‘cleaning up the streets.’

I’m talking more of a general denegrading of men by women on tv and in movies (and in commercials) I’m talking about how some shows glamourize a woman beating up a man. It’s really strange to me…actually, these shows make me laugh. Like–what is the point here? Am I supposed to be able to get a man to do what I want by punching him, but we tell men not to hit women? It’s a weird message.

I’ve seen this and have been annoyed by it. little tiny anorexic women can not beat up 200 lb men. :mad:

in fact i watched a behind the scene episode of a Jackie Chan movie that showed that the set had to be changed for a woman’s reach. the women couldn’t throw a kick or punch as far away as a guy.

although the actors and actresses know this is all make believe, i wonder how this affects young people.

one of the reason young men are told not to hit females is that a guy is more likely to accidentally kill a female if he gets violently angry then a woman would a man.

but if young men see images of small girls that are able to beat up great big men then why should any guy not hit a girl back. after all, if women are as strong as men, they don’t need any special rules to protect them.

the media is so concerned with female empowerment and political correctness that i doubt that they are concerned with the potential harm that they might do females.

absolutely deb! I think this does more harm to females than good. There’s no good coming from solving arguments, by punching someone in the face…man or woman.

The Matrix also comes to mind where the woman was doing her fair share of punching…but men were punching her back. The plot of that movie was good…but that was something unncessary to that movie. Totally unncessary.

What’s funny, is that feminism basically has told women…‘don’t you want to be like men?’ I thought we were women. Why would I want to be like a man? Whether feminists realize it or not…they are trying to mimic men, rather than be their own women.

i agree. it is horrible how men are depicted. i don’t understand it myself.

it will only seem worse when you try to bring up sons who are honorable and have a mindset above that of a neanderthal. tv seems to depit all men as being sex craved idiots who need some woman to control them. i don’t want my sons to think that if they like poetry or art that they are feminine.:frowning:

yes…so true.

I can kick the living,outta every girl in my school anorexic or not, but I wouldn’t stand a chance against most high school guys. Height disadvange, weight disadvanage, experence disadvange (3 years of marshel arts does not compete with 7 years of football) needless to say I wouldn’t try, but if I can’t take down the captain of the wrestling team, there is no way some little 95 pound model will be able to take down a 200 pound dude.

Raise your sons to respect young women and treat them as people. Raise your daughters to respect young men and treat them as people. Television shows relationships beginning with sex (putting the cart before the horse) and then people get to know each other or get married, and then find out, too late, who they are with.

Women beating up men? Sure. It goes all the way back to the National Organization of Women in the 1970s telling all women that men are your “oppressors” and to “throw off the chains of your oppression.” They made it a point to put out a song with lines like, “I am woman, hear me roar…” Pushed for allowing women in the military and insisting that women were men. That is, of course, a lie. But these people were recreating society into their image.

Follow what the Bible teaches. Men are always coming up with strange variations on what was ordained by God in the beginning. They are Secular Humanists and want to fashion the country as they see fit.

God bless,

excellent post, ed…thanks for replying.

Goth–you make me laugh. Although–I think you are serious.:wink:

Lol, well mostly;)


Yeah it is ridiculous. Part of it comes from “sex anywhere anytime.” Like as if we are a bunch of animals who can’t control our sexual desires. Is it a wonder how the Old Testament talks about how men worshiped beasts? I blame a lot of it on bad fathers. And poor examples.

My husband and I have discussed many times how men are made to look like buffoons and lazy bums in commercials. I find it irritating.

I see no need to show anyone beating up any other person.

It goes a lot further back.

One of the most famous TV characters in history is Emma Peel, from The Avengers. This wonderful character, a nuclear physicist by trade, was featured in every episode in a fight pitting her against bruisers, men and women, and she always won, not through brute strength, but through brains.

I think that back in the 1960s, Emma Peel’s message was a good one for women.

  1. Get in shape, work out, become physically fit and strong.

  2. Just because you’re a woman, you don’t have to be a victim. Fight back if you are attacked.

  3. Develop your brain and use it.

  4. A woman should have the same opportunities as a man to save the world.

  5. You can be feminine even if you have tough work to do.

I honestly think that every attempt to portray a “strong woman” on TV today is an attempt to re-capture the fascinating and delightful Emma Peel.

BUT–television writers and producers are messing something up! One very, very important difference between Emma Peel and the “strong women” on television today is that Emma Peel’s partner, John Steed, was a VERY strong man both physically and intellectually. Her strength did not in any way detract from HIS strength. It was a truly equal partnership.

I think that’s something that is sadly missing from TV shows today–equal partnerships. Usually at least one of the partners in a man/woman partnership is a portrayed as a goofus–and guess which one is usually portrayed as the the goofus (hint: it’s the one who can’t have babies).

It’s because it is,in a perverse sort of way,cute and funny and sexy to see women “having their way” with men. It’s fascinating to women who secretly wish they could do that to men,and to men who are turned on at the thought of women behaving that way.
Also, it can be funny,in a humiliating sort of way, to see men who are weak,delusional,incompetent,sneaky,childish being lorded over by their wives and girlfriends. This is nothing new – you can find this sort of thing in ancient Greek and Roman comedy, Renaissance comedia dell arte,Italian comic opera, the
show The Honeymooners (which is a prototype of shows like Everybody Loves Raymond). Shows like this would not be so funny if the man of the house really behaved like the man of the house. A lot of middle-class men half-jokingly refer to or regard their wives as “The Boss”. In middle-class
society,there are not a lot of opportunities for heroic or “manly” behavior. Men who try to hold on to their masculinity or who stick up for themselves in front of women often do so with a guilty conscience and are made out to be “jerks”. A lot of men resign themselves to feeling psychologically castrated,“domesticated”,so there’s nothing to be done except try to enjoy it.

:thumbsup: The Avengers was one of my favorite shows as a kid.

Today though, Equal Partnership is not what “they” are after, but revenge by reversing the roles.:shrug:

i would be as alarmed by a man who wishes to be beat up by a woman as i would a woman who wants to be beat up by a man. :frowning: both desires are a form of mental illness.

interesting thoughts, anthony–and i think much of what you say is (unfortunately) true. I don’t think men need to be domineering in order to stake their claim as ‘men of their domain,’ but it just seems to me that the media/tv cannot seem to find a happy balance between men being men…and women being women. It’s like women want to be controlling, naggers…and the men are just cowering down, accepting it. I will admit…I can yell with the best of 'em, but I always try my best to make my husband feel like the man he rightfully is. I don’t want to be the man of my home, in other words.:wink:

I blame it on the fema-nazis.

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