Women bishops: Church of England synod to vote


The Church of England’s governing general synod is due to vote on whether to allow women to become bishops.

Bishops and clergy are expected to achieve the necessary two-thirds majorities in favour, but the lay members’ vote could be tight.

Twenty years after the introduction of women priests, the issue continues to divide traditionalists and reformers.

Ultimately it seems to me that the issue isn’t about what the synod decides today, rather it is about communion with Peter: marklambert.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/stephen-cottrell-gives-masterclass-in.html

If this happens, I’m guessing we’ll see more Anglicans return to Rome.

Please God you’re right! They continue to be more concerned with temporal issues than spiritual and thus the schism with Rome widens. There are many hoping for, longing for re-unification. Will this event be the one that convinces them the only way is Rome?

I doubt it will result in reunification, but individual Anglicans will return to Christ’s one, true church. Other Anglicans will celebrate female bishops (as they celebrated openly gay male bishops).

At the most, only 20% of the population of the C of E is opposed to women being called bishops.

The Synod is composed of Bishops, Clergy, and Laity houses. All three houses need a 2/3 majority vote for the legislation to pass. Only the house of laity is giving any opposition, and it is certainly not one uniform voice. There may be as little as a 5 vote difference between success and failure.

How ironic that the laity are the ones opposed. They are the more sensible ones so very often! It’s always ‘idealistic’ heretical clergy that start the nonsense.

It’s funny that we base our opinions on a woman’s role in church in a time where women were not allowed to own property and/or regarded as property of their husbands. I doubt few of you would want a return to that. So why sneer at non-Catholic denominations willing to support qualified women in equal roles as men? This doesn’t challege your Catholic faith one bit.

No one’s “sneering”. However, we believe that the fullness of the truth is in the Catholic Church…and through the Church, Christ does not allow female ordination. Those that come to recognize that truth will return to Rome.

Protestant denominations can do whatever they want to do.

Well…I tend to believe disagreement on issues like this don’t result a stampede to the Catholic church. Most people’s faith is more involved or compicated than that.

As a nominal Anglican myself, I hope for two things:

First, that this does not go through, obviously. Second, if it should pass, I hope that it drives many Anglicans to Rome and thus gets the Anglican leadership to rethink their positions. As for my part, if the legislation passes, that will be the final thing pushing me to Rome, although I am going to anyway.

Related and I put this under the Catholic News section, perhaps in error, Africa has it’s first Anglican Woman Bishop:


“I am going to try to represent the mother attribute of God,” she told the AP news agency.

“A mother is a caring person but at the same time, a mother can be firm in doing whatever she is doing,” she said.

But this would change truth, and Truth Himself is Jesus. The priest is a member of the Priesthood of Jesus Christ. Jesus was/is a man. The Church does not have the authority to ordain women. It’s actually quite simple. Blessed JPII make that clear years ago, I’m sure someone will link the statement he made about female ordination.

Other denominations who are separated from His Church will continue to move away, sad but true. From the ordination of women to gay and lesbian ordinations, to bishops who are openly gay or female; how long can an ecclesial community last this far from truth? We are already seeing the result of all this deviant activity, Anglican Priests are coming home; we just had an Episcopal priest ordained here in my diocese, married with two small children. There are more coming home every year.

You’re right, it generally is; but as more and more cracks in the C of E become apparent, more people will begin to examine their faith, which will lead them back to Rome.

We’re not saying be a stampede, even a single return would be glorious. As with the prodigal son, the return of a single soul is worth more celebration than the ever-present faith of all the world’s Catholics; and the loss of a single soul is mourned by Catholics the world over.

That is not necessarily going to happen. Most Anglicans have more sympathy with the Orthodox episcopal model than with the Roman. In addition, “popery” and “romanism” have a long memory in the English conscience. The only thing that would bring many Anglicans to Rome, at this point, would be the disestablishment of the national church. Many are in it for the feeling of belonging, not for Christianity.

I think that Anglicanorum Coetibus was the catalyst to many who knew this would happen converting. We saw over 70 in my own parish! I’ve no doubt today’s deliberations will result in more coming over.

The results are due any moment!

That’s fine…I just hope you didn’t mean the loss or gain of a soul for salvation, just the Catholic church.

A higher degree in certainty of salvation, but no, not a guaranteed salvation or anything. I’m sure that are plenty of souls in Heaven who were C of E members in life, just as I’m sure that are many in Hell who were Catholic in life.

We celebrate someone coming/returning to the church because it means that they are entering into the fullness of the Truth, which is our guide for salvation. We mourn the loss of a member because it means that they have chosen a lesser truth for themselves, and can be more easily lead astray.

For those who want “live” update coverage:


I predict the first part of your statement will be correct. I think that many among the faithful, and even in the clergy have been holding out and waiting to see what was going to happen in this and a few other areas. Once this comes to pass, and it will pass in my estimation, many of those will seek reunion. Perhaps I am merely expressing my hope in terms of their actions, but I believe that it will be the case.

The second half of your statement however, will not happen in my view. Once Pandora’s box has been opened, it does not get shut easily. In addition, once those who care about the preservation of the Apostolic Faith leave and go to Rome, the only ones left will be those who were in agreement anyway.

Passed in the House of Bishops (3 against, 44 in favour, 2 abstentions), and House of Clergy (45 against, 148 in favour), but lost in House of Laity (74 against, 132 favour) because of failure to get required 2/3rds majority. Has not been approved

The Anglicans have chosen to retain their episcopal patrimony as delivered by the Fathers. Let us sorrow that they remain separated, but let us rejoice that God still works, little by little, amongst them.

In 5 years it will be taken up again.

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