Women born with XY chromsomes?

I recently heard about a condition called CAIS (Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome) when women are born with XY chromosomes but their body produces estrogen so they externally develop as a normal female would but they lack a uterus and their ovaries are actually testes. So are these people both male and female or are they only male or only female? Could they marry? It’s not their fault they were born the way they were.


Jimmy Akin, from 2005:

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I’d look at biological phenotype, not genotype. They developed as women and so are women. The genes are biological blueprints, the phenotype the person. A lot of people emphasize genes, but I’d base it more on whether the person would naturally develop small gametes (sperm) or large gametes (eggs).

Of course, we still really do have people born intersex or ambiguous phenotypes, no denying. But in response to your specific inquiry, that’s my take.

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