Women chain selves to Catholic diocese door to protest deer kill


ROCKVILLE CENTRE, New York: Two women were arrested after they chained themselves to the front doors of a Catholic diocese building to protest the authorized killing of deer on church property.
“We’re appealing to members of the diocese who respect God’s teachings of love and compassion of all creatures to halt the inhumane deer killing,” Deirdre Guelke, a Hunter College student from Queens, said in a statement before her arrest.
Guelke and Therese Ferreira chained themselves to the entrance of the Diocese of Rockville Centre offices to protest the deer cull at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception and in Caumsett State Historic Park.

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(I wonder if these ladies would also chain themselves to the door of Planned Parenthood to protest the killing of human babies? IMO that would be far more important.)


I wonder if those that want to support no hunting “Bambi” have ever had a member of their family hurt or killed by one.

We live in the country and deer are abundant here. I love looking out my glass doors watching them. They are wonderful to watch. But, we have had two cars hit by deer. No we did not hit them they broadsided us.

We have had friends that have had crops ruined by them. There was a wreck 1/2 mile from here where a deer went through the windshield and killed the driver.

People protest the killing of deer yet protest for the killing of human young. How sad.


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