women: do you cover your hair?

I’ve taken an interest in modesty for some time now and came across head coverings. A few other religions have this practice as well and I actually think it’s kind of cool.

I was reading the Rule for I believe tertiary Benedictines and it said that women could wear head coverings if they liked but not to do it all the time if it set them apart from other women and could be conceived as alienating or holier-than-thou.

I don’t know if I’ll transition to always covering my hair and being a woman that works it wouldn’t always be realistic.

But I do like the idea of it and wanted to hear from anyone who does this some of the time, all of the time, or at Mass (Novus Ordo, of course - I believe it’s still the norm in traditional Latin Mass).

There is no shortage of threads on headcovering/veiling here on CAF. In fact, when this appears in the Traditional Catholicism section, the moderator usually closes the thread since there is an abundance of posts about them already. As you can see from below, the ones that are locked have usually gotten that way since some members are insistent that it must be done and they fail to recognize the abrogation of 1983.





















I bookmarked the very last one - I was afraid I was only going to come across veiling at Mass but the very last one is closer to what I was looking for.

Thank you!

Just so you know, there’s really no difference, other than common practice, between veiling at the ordinary form (novus ordo) vs the extraordinary form (tlm).You are absolutely free to veil at both, and obligated to veil at neither.

Doing it all the time would be interesting, and if you wish to do it as a way of growing in holiness, in practicing a form of modesty, I’d say go for it.

During the Mass, it’s a traditional practice to use veils. Whether or not you use it then is up for you. For certain gentlemen, it is edifying for them to see. Back in the days when I was struggling with incontinence and the flesh, I wept to one day enter a church where women covered their glory (their hair), and I knew God in a way that became much more personal, thanks to the few women in our society that practice modesty edifying and rare.

Me too.

While I’m glad you had a religious experience seeing a women with a headcovering, please realize that you words strongly imply only a few women are modest and that they must cover their heads to be considered so. I’m sure you didn’t mean to sound that way…

The traditional practice was to cover one’s head- be it with a hat (most common in Western countries) with a scarf (Eastern Europe), a hijab-type scarf (in the Middle East). The Mantilla was popular with those of Spanish or Italian descent. The use of a “veil” type of covering (mantilla or doily cap) became popular in the US in the late 50’s- early 60’s for daily Masses, since women still wore a hat as part of “dressing up”, they wore hats to Sunday Masses. Today, the term “veil” tends to be used interchangeably between a general headcovering (hat, scarf, beret) and a long, lacy, elaborate mantilla, while “veil” really means a covering of one’s head and most of the face.

Some questions for discerning:

Are you old fashioned? Are you in favor of past time? Do you have the nostalgia of past times?

Do you have a moral issues concerning the heads and the hairs of women? Do you think that the wife is the first sinner before Adam, Eve the great sinner?

Why do you want the cover your hairs? Do you think that it is a moral obligation or a moral duty for catholic women?

Are you shame of your head and your hairs? Do you like your body. Do you have a moral issue about your body, per se and by nature?

Why do you want to veil your head? Do you think that it is immodest to see, to look at your head and your hairs?

Do you think that each man has wrong thoughts when he looks your head and your hairs?

Are you a scrupulous woman? Do you act like a scrupulous woman? Are you a very traditionalist woman? What is your type of catholicism?

Do you have the choice of deciding, alone? Do you have pressures? Are you free of deciding alone without the clan, without the group…etc? Are you totally a free woman on this issue?

Why? Are you serious??? Could you explain to me? It is a doxa, a praxis, a mentality, a belief, a devotion, a moral view…etc???

I did it for awhile to fight vanity. At age 19, I was a very vain girl and my appearance was a major focus of my life. Some friends suggested it when I revealed my problem with vanity, so I gave it a shot. Wearing the veil helped me to focus less on my looks and more on God during Mass. I wanted to continue the practice (it was not odd for women to wear veils at my church throughout my college years, but it also was not the norm), but then I moved to a southern city where wearing veils is considered to be a rarity. I stopped wearing the veil because I felt it brought too much attention upon myself, which I considered to be another form of the vanity that I was trying to fight.

It was not that wearing the veil was right or wrong, but that my attitude as the veil-wearer had an effect on the veil’s purpose in my life. I think anyone who chooses to wear the veil should be constantly re-examining their motivations for doing so. My hair is more or less my physical pride and glory, so I am now going to alter it to break those vain ties further in the absence of a veil.

Not everyone needs to look at the veil as important, but I seriously have a problem, which is why the issue matters to me.

If you are concerned about alienating other women like at work and such, you could cover your head and all your hair with a wig. That way you wouldn’t stand out, presuming it is a decent enough wig.

I wear a headcovering–usually a* hijab*, or sometimes a tichel–in public most of the time. I don’t wear them to the gym, and usually don’t wear them to the barn, or around the house, or when I’m visiting my family, or when I’m in an all-female setting. Essene women are not required to cover; it’s just a personal devotion for me.

There are so many beautiful scarves, you can match any outfit and create numerous styles to suit your face shape. Since I wear all black clothing, choosing a hijab to wear is the only thought I ever put into my wardrobe.


Why is it immodest to show the hair on your head if you are female?

Are men really that sexually weak that they get excited about a dead mass of protein on a female’s head?

I think that might be the man’s problem if so. Just don’t get it.

Why is it not conversely immodest for a man to show his hair? Why is it only supposedly immodest for females?

I don’t think covering your head, if female, had anything to do with modesty but piety, to show respect for the Host.

Personally I prefer a scarf. A hijab would also look good.

Yes. I like it.


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