Women: do you prefer men with glossy black briefcases or with matt black briefcases?



(In line with the current trend of topics. :p)



Neither. I prefer the type who doesn’t wear a suit and tie everyday!


What, no option for a "manbag"?:p


Neither! My husband is not a briefcase-carrying kind of guy at all. He's a solid, funny, down-to-earth, covered-in-grease mechanic, and I love it!:D


What about messenger bags or backpacks.


Come on now, Chev! Some of us have other colors!

Here’s mine:



As long as he's wearing a mantilla, I have no preference on the color of his breifcase.


Filled with boring files and papers, or bundles of $100 bills? :D


So would that be a drug dealer or a black market arms dealer? :wink:


Will it cover his knees?



You mean by "Chestnut" bag isn't gonna help me snare the ladies? It has to be black?! I spent all that money for a woman-repellent?


I regret nothing. I'd rather have my bag than the woman at this point...:p


It depends on which shoes he is wearing. :wink:


Nope, but I was considering the option, “Real men have their briefcases carried by others.” :stuck_out_tongue:




Our priest carries a basic over-the-shoulder black canvas computer bag all the time. It gives him a bit of a Seminarian look. I call it his Priest Bag of Holding - you wouldn’t believe the stuff he can pull from that thing.


AKA a “murse.” :smiley:


Glossy bags are like patent shoes, once they get scuffed, they look tacky. Matte gets a patina with wear. :thumbsup:




[quote="SwizzleStick, post:16, topic:240029"]
AKA a "murse." :D



Matte gets a patina with wear.

And you can dress it up or down depending on what you are carrying it for:D


Women probably prefer men who can spell words like “matte” :wink:

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