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Are there women in the Hebrew Scriptures and in the NT who are strong role models for women of today, who are they and what are their characteristics? (Other than Our Blessed Mother)

Why doesn't God want Female Priests?

When Pope Benedict was doing his series of catecheses on the Apostles and first disciples, he also included an audience on the women at the service of the Gosepl:


He also spoke of the couple Priscilla and Aquila.


I’m often lazy about going to links in posts, but seeing as I started this … from the document introduction, second paragraph:

In conformity with what Jesus himself said of the woman who anointed his head shortly before the Passion: “Truly, I say to you, wherever this Gospel is preached in the whole world, what she has done will be told in memory of her” (Mt 26: 13; Mk 14: 9), their testimony cannot be forgotten.

So beautiful! I immediately thought of St Mother Theresa, how she washed and anointed the poor, the sick, the aged. It’s not necessary to go to the ends of the earth though, there are plenty of ways closer to home, to serve in that way, physically spiritually, emotionally.


Faithful Ruth. She didn’t leave her mother in law’s side when things were down.

Beautiful Rebecca. Always obedient to her father and husband. Had the feminine gift of realizing that her younger son would be the better person to receive the Blessing of God from his father.

Obedient Sarah. Followed her husband everywhere and did everything he asked. Even when she had great reason to doubt.


Lois and Eunice, grandmother and mother of St. Timothy who made certain that he understood the Word of God from his infancy.

Martha and Mary, prototypes of “faith and works” and “contemplative” ways of obeying Christ. Both loved Christ.



Wise and blessed Ruth. As a pagan she recognized the true God worshiped by her mother in law and vowed “your people shall be my people, and your God my God” (Ruth 1:16) and so, she entered the line of ancestors of Jesus.

God is great. He has a wondrous plan for each of us.


I don’t know if they have names, but I’m particularly fond of the Hebrew midwives who refused to obey the Pharo’s order to kill the Hebrew babies


In the Old Testament, I like the heroic Deborah who judged Israel and wise Abigail whom David married. Heroic Judith in the deuterocanonical book that bears her name. In the New Testament, the prophetess Anna at baby Jesus’ presentation in the Temple. The Samaritan woman at the well who gave testimony of Jesus Christ to the people of her town. Faithful Mary Magdalene at the foot of the cross and the one chosen to announce the resurrection of Jesus to the apostles. Priscilla who, with her husband Aquilla, instructed Apollos more fully in the Christian faith.


Judith! Definitely a brave and pious woman and my favorite. I don’t know if it’s historical fiction or not though. The other women are great and I can’t remember all of them right now (I know there aren’t many but I have a horrible memory). but she was my favorite because I felt that the other women were praised because they did what they were told by others or they were quiet and faithful. Nothing wrong with that but stubborn me wanted a woman in scripture that got up and actively did the work by herself, while still being a person of good character. Which was a breath of fresh air because the other women, while strong in their own ways, just didn’t appeal to me since I was 6. I don’t really know why she’s one of the most ignored women in the Bible.

Always felt that that’s kind of what catholic women should do, especially in such a time. We could actually be quite powerful if we actually try to combat this ugly lie that abortion=our healthcare, a right, etc or whatever nonsense being thrown our way. Am I making this deeper than it ought to be? Probably :slight_smile:


@Lea101 I know what you mean. I had a book once with nice write ups on all the wonderful women of OT. It was a casualty of downsizing in my last move. I kinda wish now I’d kept it; sadly its wishywashy and just plain wrong portrayal of Blessed Mother got it pitched.

Miriam, Moses’ older sister. Courageous and resourceful. She conspired successfully to save her baby brother from death, then arranged for their own mother to nurse him! What a woman.


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