Women in Vatican

There strong women in the bible ,and queen of heaven helped build it the Catholic church so why no females making big deiscions at vatican why are protestant leading the way in sex equality

What sort of positions do you think women should be in?

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Where is “sex equality” in the Bible? Where does Jesus teach about “sex equality”?


This is the way God and Christ wanted the church to work…

Several recent threads offer a lot of insight, might wanna do a quick search of the subject.

There is also a section in the Catechism that deals directly with your question.

Submission to God’s directives and will does not equivocate a denial of equality.

Beware of what the world calls equal.

The secular world is looking for equal outcome which is impossible and something we should know to be fraudulent and they bring this mindset into the Church.

Equal opportunity and equal outcome are not the same.


Well, we venerate a Queen in Heaven more than any man in the Church. And we have Mothers and Sisters and lay women being Canonized as Saints to whom we go for prayers and whose lives we work to emulate. Why are Protestants slacking behind in this “sex equality“? And why are nonCatholics rejecting Mary’s constant intercession on behalf of the Church, and rejecting her apparitions, and the titles she is due because of being the Mother of God?
Slackers! :wink:


The “strong women” you mention, followed God’s will in their lives. Today, holy women are doing so just as Judith, Ruth, the Blessed Virgin, and others had done. This doesn’t mean that they’re called to be speaking from podiums all the time (though some do). God is calling them to minister to the poor (Saint Mother Teresa), build apostolates (Mother Angelica), or do small things with great love (Saints Therese and Bakhita).

I try not to concern myself with what Protestants are doing or what their women are doing. Separated as they are from the visible Church of Christ, we’d all be better served by keeping our eyes on the holy women of the Catholic Faith.


Most, if not all, high positions in the Vatican are led by those who are ordained. Women can not be ordained, therefore are unable to be placed in those positions.

As a woman I have no issue with this. If we break it down a bit all Catholic parishes & dioceses are the same way, led by ordained men. In my parish we have four female paid employees, including me, but the bosses are the priests. The work I do for our parish is important and necessary. I am fortunate to be able to work for a low salary without impacting my way of life. I love my job and pray I can impact young lives in such a way they stay in the church once they become adults.

As far as strong women being in high positions, we should be grateful we have strong women who are ready & able to do the work without needing a title or high position.


Galatians 3:28

Tell the to the OP then! That there is neither male nor female!

Sex equality? As already stated, many of the positions you are probably alluding to are filled with ordained clergy, and in the Catholic Church, “ordained clergy” are men. However, you might want to look up Cecilia Costa, Sr. Allessandra Smerilli, Sr. Maria Luisa Gonzalez, and Sister Nathalie Becquart. All 4 women were recently appointed Councillors to the Office of Synods in the Vatican.

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Wow thank you I’m I disappointed protestant learning about Catholicism and it is A lot diftrent from biased views I’m been told or thought

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Not this SJW topic again… Some women are just unbelievable. Read 1Timothy 2: 12-14.

Women are involved in many sections of Vatican departments.

Granted women cannot be Clergy but only one man can be Pope and he has the final say regardless.

Jesus was all for raising the status of women and fair and equitable dealings for women. Many early martyrs were women.

You are in my prayers. If you want to learn more come to some RCIA classes .

There is an app called Laudate.

I highly recommend it.

Each day it has the Saint of that day.

You will find each day it gives detail to both women and men Saints, mystics, visionaries, ect.
I am always astounded at the stories of the women in Catholic history.
Where they came from, some with such pain they had to endure, however they all were committed to the Lord…to the poor and those without a voice.

There are women from modern times, ancient ones and all in between and gives a short biography and a description of the work they had done.

It might enlighten you to just how important women are to the Church but also to the selfless sacrifice many made, a lot in anonymity.

Just a thought, I find it very meaningful.



I’m half way through doing Catholic foundation stone with near Catholic church but there only set time and there’s A lot to learn and this group has helped me learn A lot more and i thank you all


There is a lot to learn but we have a lifetime to learn. God gives us the grace of knowledge. Do you read a bible, one good thing is to read a Book of the Bible , come to a verse and think on it, reflect and pray on it for 15 mins or so.

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That is correct

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