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I just recently signed up for a Women of Grace Bible/ study group. We have had one session and have done three days of homework. I think this is really going to a great program. Just wondering if anyone else has done this and what you think? True femininity is the whole focus of this series.


No, I haven’t but it sounds interesting.


Isn’ this the one started by Johnette Benkovich? I’ve heard her talk about it on EWTN, and it sounds very good. What are some of the things in the study that focus on authentic femininity?


I was wondering the same thing. Is this the same “Women of Grace” group… founded by Johnnette Benkovic (EWTN fame)?

Here is the website…



Yes, it is the program started by Johnette Benkovic. I have now been to two sessions. This week the emphasis is on prayer and I understand next week will be the same. I would encourage all Catholic women to get it in your parish and participate. Joann


How do you like the DVD’s? Is there also discussion?


I’ve heard about it, but since I don’t get EWTN, I’m unable to see it.

I think it focusses on married women, anyway, since Johnette Benkovic was married. Don’t know if she says anything about single women-could be wrong, though.


If you have a DSL or cable connection to the internet, you can go to


and click on the box on the right. It will open another window, from which you can choose the correct setting – probably 300k DSL, I’m guessing; if not, try another setting – and, in a half-minute or so, you’ll get the live feed on screen. You’ll see tabs on the left to direct you to the program schedule and to EWTN radio, if you’re interested. It’s not a huge 27" or 37" tv-sized image, but it’s there and it’s free! (They need donations, of course, but that’s another matter.) There is a lot of good programming on that station.

God bless,


It is about all women.

I did this series about five years ago. It is very good.


I did this last year. It is excellent, not just for married women, for all Catholic women. I would highly recommend it. My friend & I were thinking of doing it in our parish, but now we are in a merger process, so it’s on hold.



I use my computer at the library-I used to have dialup at home. The video and audio were never ‘in sync’; that is, the picture didn’t keep up with the sound.

I can’t get it on the wireless system in the library.


I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, I have almost zero knowledge of the computer world, so I can’t be of much help in diagnosing the problem. Have you asked the folks at the library if they have any idea what the problem may be?

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Nah-I’m not going to bother them with that. I’ve been without watching EWTN so long, it won’t matter now if I get it or not.

I’d rather have it on TV. But I can’t afford cable or satellite right now. All I have is the old “five channel ‘regular’ TV”.



I just started this course. I am in my 2nd week and am really pleased. I had never heard of her before this. I feel the Holy Spirit has lead me to this class.

Wendy Ann:)


I did the series last year and it was absolutely life changing. This discussion group is for all Catholic women and it touched the lives of every single one of us in the group. What I learned from it the most was the understanding of true femininity. I loved it. :) I highly recommend it.


Surprising this much needed ministry is mostly not discussed here at CAF.
Women of Grace 30 years strong!
God bless!


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