Women only please: "acclimating" to head covering

I never really found the veil to be distracting. I find I am more in tune when I wear it, and even like to do so when praying the rosary at home.

I started wearing mine in Lent. I was in the choir and a cantor at the time, and wore a black chapel cap when I was cantoring. I offer my veiling for offenses against the Holy Sacrament becuase of immodest dress. I find this helps me focus, as long as I am not watching the communion processions, LOL!

Thank you all so much!

I have very fine, very curly hair (think dandelion fluff, but attached better) :blush: so the mantilla may not have been my best choice. I like the Jewish headcoverings very much, and they might be what I’m looking for.

I actually bought the veil because this spring and summer I have been wearing a straw hat to church, and now when I forget it, it feels “wrong:”. But eventually it will turn cooler … so I was looking for something else.

I use a wheelchair, so I am used to attracting extra attention, so that I don’t care about. I just don’t want to be thinking about ME during Mass, that is SO not the point.

Thanks. You’ve given me much to consider. So, just remember, somewhere in America, a woman is experimenting with headcoverings at the ordinary form of the Mass.

Thanks again.

Just so you know - I wear mine to the NO Mass as well. You are not alone! :slight_smile:


I grew up wearing a regular scarf or lace one. I still have them and use them in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. I’ve been telling myself to start wearing a scarf at Mass, it is the ordinary mass and very few gals wear them; but there are some; besides I shouldn’t let that stop me. Good on you… I think the more you do it the more you’ll get used to it.

Ditto! :thumbsup:

I wear mine to the NO!

So do I when I remember to grab it (a scarf):thumbsup: , sometimes a hat though too.

But eventually it will turn cooler … so I was looking for something else.

Actually I had the opposite problem since I started in October, and towards winter I had a little wool hat (sort of like a cloche but longer brim, from a department store, grey with black band) that I could wear wherever I would feel uncomfortable wearing a veil, but I don’t have a summer hat. I do have a mantilla from a friend; I knitted a triangular scarf (nothing fancy) to tie around my hair when with my family since they really dislike the mantilla. Mostly I’m away though, at college. this is how I started: I’m a little luckier than you Amethyst because at my NO Parish I’ve seen a few women who wear them so it wasn’t a total unknown to me. Then I went to TLM and read on wikipedia, “Traditional Catholic women cover their heads in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.” “Hmm… well I do think the NO is Mass too, and I’ve read St Paul, so shouldn’t I be wearing one there as well?” I got used to it by wearing it for prayer visits to the chapel in the evening before I wore it to Mass, and sometimes I do sit towards the back if I feel that I will be conspicuous, sometimes I don’t.


I’ve been wanting to wear a head covering to Mass for a while now, there is only NO in this remote neck of the woods. So since I am new to this parish, I think I will start- only my preference is for a cowboy hat, which I have never seen in church. I really don’t care for mantillas. But it will take more courage than I have to wear my cowboy hat, so I think I’ll start with a scarf or a smaller hat.
If we don’t take it upon ourselves to bring people back to the traditions of the church, we can’t expect anyone else to. So good for all you ladies who are wearing head coverings! Who knows- maybe there will someday be modest dress at Mass as a norm instead of an excaption!:smiley:

Someone earlier mentioned snoods.
Perhaps those are a better option for the ladies just getting into covering, and wanting to be less conspicuous?

I like wearing a veil, it keeps me from looking around, and it also helps me think that people are not trying to catch my eye, iykwim. The main problem is I often forget to bring it with me, esp as I only have one and it seriously does not go with my church dresses :o

My daughter is very good about remembering hers, however, and I noticed that a couple of weeks after she started wearing hers, a couple of other ladies were wearing theirs :slight_smile:

We are already considered weird at our NO Masses because we do not hold hands during the Our Father…

:thumbsup: :smiley:

As do I…I think the more faithful we are in wearing it every time we enter the Church the more likely it will “catch on;” I’ve noticed a couple of women starting to come in covered.:slight_smile:

From a little seed…:slight_smile:

me too! Heck i haven’t been to a TLM or Anglican use mass since i started wearing it.

In the begining i went through all the same feelings of am i bringing too much attention to myself.etc…but i have noticed that i am more fully aware of the mass itself then the people around me. It gives me great focus. I suggest that you just keep trying. If God put the seed within your heart to wear the veil then he will give you the strength to wear it.

I don’t notice people at church giving me fun looks anymore. i think all of the regulars are use to it since i sit in the same place every sunday. i think i get the odd looks more for being a single women at mass by myself then because of the veil

Sorry i don’t have any suggestions about the veil falling. i have curly hair so the veil just seems to stay in place.

I’ve just started wearing a kerchief. I think I was doing pretty well not feeling self conscious about it. But, my mom told me it was a little weird. Now, I feel self conscious again. sigh.

Oh well. I’m not wearing for anyone but Him.

My mother does that with me also, but I did receive encouragement from a very holy priest to continue, so…right on:thumbsup:

If YOU are comfortable with it then it does not matter what anyone else thinks. This is a personal devotion, between you, God, and His Angels.

Good for you for even having the desire. :thumbsup:


I am often a very self conscious person, and I would feel awkward wearing a head covering.
I have been thinking of wearing one, but I am always worried I’ll attract a lot of attention, and probably distract me too. Not many people wear a head covering at my church, but I may try.

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