Women priest/boats


I saw a news story about some women who were "ordained " as priest this year on a boat. acouple of years ago a local women was also ordained in Europe, again on a boat. Is ther some significance to being on a boat for women’s ordination


don’t tempt me, I can think of several reasons, but I am afraid the charity level would dip significantly.


I believe previous simulated ordinations took place on rivers marking the border between dioceses and/or countries (the Rhine? in Europe and the St Lawrence in North America?). This was done, in part, to pretend that they were outside diocesan jurisdiction.

This past summer’s simulated ordination took place on a boat :whacky: because they are insane :whacky: (The rivers they plied were completely contained in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. :rolleyes:

“Sailing over the edge”,

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