Women priesthood


There some Protestant clergy that allow women priesthood. This concept develop in the modern sexual revolution. Women priesthood was never established by Jesus Christ.

To prove my case, in the OT the Levite priesthood were all men not women. Since Jesus is a Jew, he established that his Church will be run by men. He commissioned Twelve Men as his Apostles. There were indeed women disciple but they took no part in early Church affair.

There were no women in the Council of Jerusalem, only elders, and men. The Catholic Church as well as the Orthodox Church upheld that women should not be priest because it was never established by Jesus Christ himself.

The Bishops who are the successors of the Apostles are men. So ordination of women by an Church is therefore invalid.


Does the Church favor man over woman? Did Jesus say this? Please explain.


She acknowledge one woman greater than any human being. Mary, who is the Mother of Son of God. That is the greatest honor the Catholic Church have for one of Her female saints.

The Church acknowledges that women as a while are equal in dignity.


If women are equal in dignity, wouldn’t that mean they command the same respect that a man does within the Church?


Hi i just wanted to say i wish there was women priest.Thankyou


This would be news to the Unitarians, who had women Ministers in the 19th Century:rolleyes:


There are. They may not be Priests in the Roman Catholic Church, but I think the Old Catholic Church has them.


Why would you want that? Mannyfit75 put it quite nicely in the original post about why there shouldn’t be any women priest (priestess) at all.


But did Jesus specifically state that there were to be no priestess’ in the Church? Where does God say this?


There are…



No, but did Jesus ever say that there should be? The successor of St. Peter and the Magisterium of the Church said that we should not have them, and the points that Mannyfit75 makes is a good case why we should never have a priestess in the Roman Catholic Church.


I would challenge this. How do you know God didn’t intend women to be treated with the same dignity of a man in the Church?

What is the threat that women pose to the Church?


Well if God wanted a women to become a priestess in His Church, then we would have one by now. There is no hard evidence to support either way, but the case Mannyfit75 makes (ie No Women Apostle etc.) shows that there should be no priestess.


Are you sure this is not the case that a patriarchal society has shaped this? Well, what opportunities have they had? Your reasoning is that God’s intentions would have been met already. Are you aware of the little power women have held in Western society until recent times (and it’s still not there yet)?


Yes. And in Jesus’ time people bathed maybe 3 times a month. And yet, we feel no need to criticize clergy for bathing more often.


How does allowing only men to be priests show a lack of respect and dignity for women? One has nothing to do with the other. Women have had significant roles throughout Church history. If you don’t believe it read up on St. Mary Magdalene, St. Martha, St. Rita, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Teresa Benedicta and Mother Theresa. St. Catherine of Siena, in particular, would be a great study for you. Find a bio of her www.newadvent.org and you’ll understand why I say that. St. Theresa Benedicta, formerly known as Edith Stein, would also be a good read. And who does the Church honor but the most wonderful of women, the Blessed Mother.

The reason priests are men is because they are acting in persona Cristi. Jesus was a man therefore priests must be male.

Our society treats women with less dignity now than they did 20 years ago and no one bats an eye yet they’re quick to criticize the Church for trying to respect women. Don’t believe me? Look at the magazines in the grocery checkout lane. According to those my role as a woman is to show as much of my body as possible and to use it as a means of pleasure without any concern for my own dignity or those I encounter. I spent a good part of my life living as society dictated, competing with men in every aspect because it’s what I was encouraged to do and living as I pleased, feeding every one of my desires. Hey it was my body and my life, I can do what I want, right? No one tells me what to do. I have my own truth. Do you want to know when I experienced true dignity and respect as a woman? It was when I returned home to the Catholic Church 5 years ago and embraced the beautiful teachings of what it means to be a real woman, not society’s twisted and degrading definition. Deo gracias!

An Agnostic, I implore you to read more about the Church before passing judgement. You might be surprised by what you find! You are in my prayers!

Yours in Christ,


because he commissioned Twelve Men to be Apostles. Not Twelve Women. If Jesus established that women priesthood, he would have chosen six men and six women.

However, see no where in Scripture that he commissioned women as one of the Twelve Apostle. You also have to keep in mind that Jesus is Jewish and have a tradition mindset.

If you read the Old Testament the Sons of Aaron and the Levite Tribe were all Men. Since Jesus commissioned only twelve men as his apostles, women cannot be priests.

I like to keep in mind that in spite the fact that there are no women priest in the Catholic Church, there are religious sisters committed to Christ.

They remain celibate and are consider the Bride of Christ. They are also great evangelist like Mother Theresa, Mother Anglica, St. Claire, St. Ann, St. Anatanasia, St. Faustina, St. Therese. There are countless devote Catholic women who serve the Church as much zeal as priests. I don’t think the Catholic Church degrades women in their role in God’s plan.

In fact as I stated earlier, the Catholic Church venerate the Virgin Mary, a creative more holy than the Angels, and she is also the Queen of Heaven. We should be grateful that we can look to Mary as a role model for us all as a good Christian.

That is what most feminist who desire women should be priests. They can’t. Jesus did not established it. It is not favor by the ECF, and that Jesus did not commission as one of the Twelve Apostles.


The point is in the Jewish priesthood. There were no priestess. You are a Jew and you should know that the Levite priest were men, and that so are the Aaron’s son who are to be consecrated to the Holy of Holies.


<<Yes. And in Jesus’ time people bathed maybe 3 times a month. And yet, we feel no need to criticize clergy for bathing more often.>>

Not true. Daily bathing was and is the norm among Jews. Refraining from bathing is a sign of mourning and part of the “afflicting the soul” on Yom Kippur.


The “Old Catholics” who have maintained valid orders do not have women “priests”. Besides, even if the ones who technically have Apostolic Succession and would “ordain” a woman cannot actual ordain her. Wrong matter-no sacrament.

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