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Alright someone please tell me why women can’t be Roman Catholic priests…if you quote the CCC (and trust me I’ve read it) tell me WHY, why is it that way…please make an argument.



Priest is the icon of Jesus and thus must be male.

why? why is that what a priest is?

Because a priest performs the sacraments and acts in persona Christi.

why? I dont mean to be silly I just want to know

Because that is how God desires it.

why? where is that one written?

In the Old Testament only men were ordained priests, this practice continued when Jesus appointed only male apostles.

St Paul said that women have no spiritual authority over men.

But the bishops flow from the apostles so men only are bishops why can’t women be priests…where does paul say that?

The Church has no authority to ordain women.

That is the answer.

Now, if you are a Catholic, you know that the Church is not a democracy where everybody gets to vote on what they think the Holy Spirit is telling them is ‘the right thing’ and the majority ‘wins’.

The Church is a kingdom. We are led by a king. He has left his representative in church (the Pope), left us His written word, His oral traditions, and a Magesterium. Finally, He has made sure that He has also given us His Holy Spirit to guide the Church into all truth. He has also given his representative, in speaking on matters of faith and morals to be held definitively by the faithful, the protection (charism) of infallibility. He has also left a body of work which has been those protected, infallible teachings, already taught. We call those dogma and sometimes doctrine. A doctrine can develop but it cannot ‘change’ into being into ‘the opposite’ of what it was.

Now, some people thought that, well, we could ‘develop’ the doctrine of having people called to the priesthood to ‘include’ women, because after all, men and women are both people, right?

But the Church had taught for 2000 years that only men could be priests . .and many teachers of the Church have written a lot of essays and other works to explain it far better than I could. But still people grumbled.

So then John Paul II, in 1994, issued an encyclical called Ordinatio Sacerdotalis. In that encyclical, he reiterated that regarding the idea of ‘including’ women as priests, it wasn’t something that he–or anyone- could do. It was the CHURCH which had no authority to ordain women, then, now, or ever.

Now the Church is the Bride of Christ. The Church is ‘one flesh’ with Christ. So basically, John Paul, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is making it perfectly clear that the considered and continual teaching of the Church that only men may be priests cannot change. . .and that the Church itself–and that means, by extension, CHRIST HIMSELF, has no authority to ordain women.

First, what does it matter?

Why can’t men have babies?

Why can’t women be priests?

Jesus only had men at the Last Supper. Jesus only gave men the ability to forgive sin. Jesus only had male Apostles. Jesus placed the leadership of the Church in male hands.

Now, before you get into a bigger huff than you already seem to be, see how the CHurch sees women. The greatest saint is a woman. The first person to witness the ressurection was a woman. We have several women who are Doctors of the Church. Women are praised in the New Testament.

God gave women the ability to bring physical life into the world. He gave men the ability to bring spiritual life into the world. It is perfect balance.

Priests act in persona Christi. The Church is the Bride of Christ. You cannot have TWO BRIDES now can you?

I understand this is difficult to understand, unfortunately we have to admit that there are differences between men and women. This does not mean one is inferior, simply that they have different roles in the world and in spirit.

St. Paul does refer to a woman deacon named Phoebe as a minister (or diakonos in Greek which means deacon) of the church at Cenchreae in Romans 16:1-2. So there were women deacons. There are also other women “co-workers” listed in that same chapter 16 such as Junia.

Excellent point! Paul does show that women can have roles in the Church, but there are never ANY mentioned as bishops or priests.

The role of deacons was to assist with baptisms, as well as to help with the poor and widowed. As baptisms in that era could present issues with modesty, women were needed to baptise women.

Right, the role of deaconess was not the same as that of deacon.

I suggest you read the following documents:

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis

Inter Insigniores

The main reason why women can’t be priests is BECAUSE THE CHURCH SAYS SO! And you can up to your room and stay there, young lady, until you stop asking questions.:tsktsk:

Actually, it used to bother me a lot that women cannot be ordained. But I’ve let that go and am at peace, now. If the Church just wants me to pray for vocations for (male) priests, then I will do that. Who knows, if we all pray REALLY HARD, they just might materialize. Meanwhile, I will go out into the world like a good layperson and let the Church solve its own problems. :extrahappy:

And why are they not called what they would be: priestesses?

I remember listening to Father Corapi speak on women’s ordination. He said he once gave a talk where he gave the Church’s teaching on the matter. A woman came up to him afterwards and said “Father, I don’t like what you said. For a long time I’ve been hoping that the Church will start ordaining women”. Father turned around without missing a beat said “Well, stop hoping!”. :smiley:

Too Da Vinci Codeish

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