Women Priests?

Why, if Catholics/Eastern Orthodox view Lutheran, Anglican, etc. ordinations as invalid, do they care if these groups appoint women as priests and bishops? It seems to me strange that Catholics take issue at the ordination of women to already invalid orders.

Maybe because these ordinations increase the divide instead of healing it.

One of the things the Catholic Church REALLY doesn’t want is for Protestants to take any steps further and further away from the One True Church.
If the Lutherans (HYPOTHETICALLY) want to feminize God in a more Goddess-like fashion, the Catholic Church is going to care, be concerned. So
if a Christian sect of nonancient origin beings to ordain women as priests, many Christians will be in spiritual peril, naturally the Catholics / Eastern
Orthodox are going to care.

[RIGHT]( Eek, been over a year since I abandoned
Goddess worship and I still get uncomfort-
able renouncing female priestesses )

It’s important to warn against this, even if the orders are invalid to begin with, since ordaining women into priestly roles makes these groups that much further away from orthodoxy.

In a roundabout way, my personal theory is that protestant sects will (and already have) shrink as they move to becoming more in tune with pop culture, which can lead people to the Catholic faith. They’ll either join more conservative protestant churches (aka Pentecostals and such), cease to practice religion, or God-willing, explore the Catholic Church.

If the word Catholic means universal, how come then the Roman Catholic Church is supposed to be considered the " One True Church " ?

Um as to the who cares question, maybe it isn’t a matter of who cares but being accountable in promoting the truth, I do not care if someone decides to use illegal drugs, but that doesn’t mean the person should not use illegal drugs and if some how I know this hypothetical person is using an illegal drug it some how to some degree on some small level is my responsiblity to at least try and persuade and inform an to stop that person from using an illegal drug.


Well the One True Church must be united , while many Protestant religions want to keep
a distance divided from the Roman Catholic Church. I think you take the “universal” thing
incorrectly, though I could be wrong on that.

We care because all error is distressing, and to add *heresy *on top of schism not only further divides the flock, but spreads confusion and disorder.

The act of ordaining a woman is contrary to the essence of priesthood and obscures the fundamental fact that the only priest, Jesus Christ, was born a man and in doing so He did not take away but increase the dignity of woman.

I didn’t think/knowit mattered so much to Catholics if the other religions ordinate women.
Does it?
They care about that one difference more than the other rituals/doctrines that differ from the Catholic doctrine?


There are many Protestant sects with female pastors, why not female priests? Also how is it heretical when she’s not contradicting an ecumenical council? Does Scripture or Tradition say that women are not allowed to teach men about the faith? There have been many female saints that I admire whom were much closer to Jesus than I am. Even though I am male, I believe I could learn a lot from them.

At least use the word “priestess”, it gets across the idea quite a bit better than “woman priest”, which implies that the woman is or can be a priest.

Indeed, “ordaining” priestesses is a step the Church does not like to see being taken, as it is a final step away from any possible reconciliation with the Church. It is distilled anti-ecumenism (true ecumenism, based on doctrinal unity, instead of false ecumenism, based on a unity of doctrine because there are no doctrines), as the communions which have priestesses in their ranks would have to at the very least purge them from any priestly function before ecumenism could even be attempted. The same can be said below for any communion with women preachers, but those communions are much less likely to seek union with Rome (for example, Southern Baptists are far more removed from Catholicism than conservative Presbyterians, who are far more removed from Catholicism than conservative Lutherans). A communion that has priests and male pastors but without orders can always be given orders by the Church. A communion with priestesses could not be given orders, because not even the Pope in Rome could ordain a priestess in reality (so that the woman could then confect the Eucharist), but only simulate an ordination (and prove himself a heretic in the doing, if I may say so).

Now, for communions that don’t have any real sacramental and especially Eucharistic theology (Baptists, so on), I don’t see so much of a problem with having women preachers, any more than having women authors or women on a Bible translation team, since they have no priestly function. Nor do I have any issue with either priestesses or women preachers in religions that, even if having roots in Christianity, have gone beyond the pale (Unitarianism, Unitarian-Universalism, JWism, Mormonism, etc.), or non-Christian religions. Having a priestess in Hinduism isn’t going to make Hinduism any more false than it already is, for example. Same can be said for anti-Trinitarianism.

In summary:

We care because all error is distressing, and to add heresy on top of schism not only further divides the flock, but spreads confusion and disorder.

The act of ordaining a woman is contrary to the essence of priesthood and obscures the fundamental fact that the only priest, Jesus Christ, was born a man and in doing so He did not take away but increase the dignity of woman.

Scripture actually does say so emphatically on several occasions.

1 Timothy 2:12: “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp [assume] authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

Note that “usurp” did not then mean “take by force”, but merely “to assume”, with an implication of illegitimacy. Some use the KJV rendering of “usurp” to mean that men can lawfully cede their authority to women if done in accordance with the will of men, and thereby nullify the Scripture by the traditions of man (Mark 7:13).

1 Corinthians 14:34-35: “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.”

I could multiply at least a few more examples (such as 1 Corinthians 11 passim), but two should be enough to establish the teaching.

It not only give Christianity a bad name by creating more division, it also confuses many people who want to learn more about Christianity. One of the problems I have always had regardless of which church I attended is the multiple personal views of people who present them as valid Christian ideals. The more lies spread, the more problems created, the more confusion and the more people simply give up completely. The only real way to attract people to Christianity, true Christianity, is to have a solid, agreed upon, universal foundation. When people have a hurting soul and seek the truth, the last thing they want is something that fits what they have already been doing. They want the boiled down hard truth. That is why Catholics and Orthodox speak out against heresy. If we don’t, no one will and people will not know what that truth they need really is.

Good question. As more churches ordain and empower women, the Vatican knows that Catholics wonder why we do not do so. It puts additional pressure on the vatican to follow suit. It is easier to condemn these churches than to do the right thing.

Are you saying that women as ‘priests’ is the right thing?


The purpose of the priesthood is not to ‘empower’ men or women and talking of it using such phrase dervived from popular culture of the last 3 or 4 decades ill serve it. It is sad to see so many Catholics taking positions contrary to the Church.

This! :thumbsup:

It is one reason why I say the LCMS/ILC is better positioned to dialogue with Rome than the ELCA/LWF.


The Vatican does not bow to the weight of public opinion. There is a specific reason why women will never be ordained, this is a doctrine of the faith and will never change.

I suppose we care because any attempt at union is now not possible with those specific churches.

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