Women Priests?

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
How do you refute those who claim that women should be allowed into the priesthood without sounding sexist? Please keep me in your prayers! I’m currently in the Application process to the Seminary. Thank you, and May Our Lord Bless you!


In simplistic terms, when Jesus chose the 12, he could have included women, but didn’t. Male only priesthood was instituted in the Old Testament. What God put into place, the Church doesn’t have the authority to change.

If women want to become priests they are not Catholic. :shrug:

In addition to the link in the previous post, you may find the following article by Joanna Bogle helpful. She is a British journalist and historian.


Hope it is useful? Will also pray for you as you start your wonderful journey.

May God bless you.

I let my wife answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Women were pretty close to Jesus during His ministry, yet only men were the Apostles whom the Holy Spirit ordained. They were even the ones that found out that His tomb was empty and that He rose from tha dead! Yet, there are no signs that Jesus would want them to take the same responsabilities in His Church as men.

It’s not that the Church couldn’t ordain women, it’s just that there is simply no Divine Revelation giving us the authority to do so. When you reach ambiguous conclusions, it’s far better to play it safe than to roll the dice on God’s position on something. And the women who do it, just like everyone else, are excommunicated. :thumbsup:

Actually, this isn’t quite true. The Church believes that it has neither the authority nor the ability to ordain women into the priesthood; it’s not a simple matter of wanting or not wanting to. Even if we wanted to, we simply are unable because God chose to institute the priesthood as a vocation for men. Based on that, the Church couldn’t ordain them.

That’s exactly what I said, my friend! :smiley:

Will keep you in my prayers Vincent.

Really? o.O Huh, I wonder what I misunderstood >_>. Sorry about that.

What on earth is up with the American Catholics? Knock it off!!! Stop your heinous secularization of the Church!!! Read the Catechism for once although I am probably preaching to the choir here and spend some time in Eucharistic adoration if you struggle with parts of it.

Actually, no you didn’t. You said, “It’s not that the Church couldn’t ordain women…” which, if we remove both negatives, says, “The Church could ordain women…”

This is not accurate. The Church CANNOT ordain women, and WOULD NOT be able to ordain women, even if every Cardinal was an advocate for it.

This also ties into the fact that a priest acts in Christ’s place during a mass and other situations like confession. Christ is male and is the bridegroom and head of the church which is the body and bride of Christ. A female priest could not act as the “bridegroom” or as Christ since both Christ and bridegrooms are male and she is not. That is not sexist it’s pure reality. It is also why it is so important to maintain the traditional definition of marriage. When you mess with that you not only cater to other’s twisted wishes but you undermine the basis of the relationship of Christ and the Church.

Never thought of it this way, thank you. :thumbsup:

In very simplistic terms, remind them that the priest administers the Sacraments in the person of Christ the head. Jesus was the Son of God and the Son of man. He was male. That’s why the apostles were all men, because they would be an icon of Jesus, and Jesus was male. Therefore, women cannot be ordained. In modern terms, if you were casting a movie or a play on the life of Christ and you wanted to be historically accurate you would no more cast Angelina Jolie to play Jesus than you would Merle Streep to play Peter or Brad Pitt to play the Blessed Mother. That would be historically inaccurate.

I know the subject of ordaining women to the deaconate isn’t mentioned, but women cannot be ordained deacons for the same reason. Transitional deacons become priests and the first permanent deacons were men.

For women, we are also called to be an icon to the world, but not an icon of Jesus Christ. We are called to be an icon of the Blessed Mother. If we would only make her our model, we would be so busy with what we can do and are called to do we would find no time to worry about what we can’t do


How about we evaluate if a woman could get to the point of wanting to become a priest(ess)? Before we jump the gun and ask why they can’t be?

First, it would be a woman who knew Church teaching well and loved it.

That eliminates the possibility right there. A woman ‘candidate’ for the priesthood, can’t even get to the point of ‘want’ because she loves the Church.

It’s not about sex, it’s about valid matter and authority.

For example, the Eucharist can only be confected with wheat bread and grape wine. Does this discriminate against cultures where wheat is not the staple grain by not permitting corn, or rice?

And grape wine --does this discriminate against those who are totally against ‘alcohol’? Or against spirits such as vodka?

Can we confect the Eucharist with pizza? It’s bread --with added sauce and cheese. Are we discriminating against sauce and cheese–both of which are GOOD things?

Now, the Church has no authority to change the components of the Eucharist even if the changes could be considered good (gluten-free bread, NOT to be confused with extremely low-gluten; or non-alcoholic wine) or reflect a culture (rice wine in Japan, corn tortillas in Mexico). These are not issues which are man-made; it is Christ who deemed what was required, and the Church only keeps on teaching what He taught.

Ditto with priests. The Church has no authority to ordain women, even if women are perfectly ‘equal’ in soul and dignity to men. This is not some practice (male priesthood) that was started BY men/humans, it is set out and required by Almighty God, and the Church only keeps on teaching what He taught.

So again, The Church has no authority to change the Eucharistic accidents to beer and pretzels (even though beer and pretzels are perfectly good and ‘equal’ to bread and wine as esoteric foodstuffs.)

The Church has no authority to change the union of a man and woman in matrimony to ‘man-and-man’ or ‘woman-and-woman’ even though men and women are equal in soul and dignity.

And the Church has no authority to change the ordination of a man to the priesthood to a woman to the priesthood, even though men and women are perfectly equal in soul and dignity. . .

because human beings did not determine what is valid, or what we can ‘do’. . .

God did.

This is how…those who claim women must be allowed to become priests before they can be considered fully “equal” are the sexists. Men and women are not equal, they are different, Praise God!

I know two priests in my diocese who silently promote this, this is their belief. They must reduce the masculinity of men in order to make women feel better, very sexists and very condescending to women in my view.

The beauty of a woman is in fully being a woman, not being equal to a man; this is the problem with society as a whole. When we reduce masculinity of Jesus and His Priesthood in an attempt somehow to make women feel equal, we hurt all involved, male and female.


I really, really understand where you’re coming from, but we’re not all like that. Really. However, I have noticed evidence here that there are those who want the Church to adopt secular ideas and they can get rather “loud” sometimes.

God bless,

I once read in a book (fiction by a writer with a PhD in History) that “when women become equal (in ALL things to men) they are the ones who lose” Women have their own abilities, graces, and special talents, which men do not have. Likewise, men have responsibilities, talents and graces which women do not have, and should not want.

I prefer men to treat me as a woman, a lady! I WANT a man to open a door for me, watch their language around me, not talk to me as though I were another man in the locker room! Being a woman is very special, and as another Poster said, women’s ideal is the Blessed Mother. Men may love Our Lady also, but women have a special relationship to her, because we are also like her in being a WOMAN. I like being a woman, and would not want to be a man for anything. Their burdens are different, and difficult. I sure wouldn’t want to be a Priest!! That is a difficult and hard road. My road is to pray for them, as Our Blessed Mother does, and to support them and help provide for them, just as the Blessed Mother assisted her Son.

Being a woman is special. So is being a man, we are all children of God. But my personal opinion is that I’m very glad God chose to make me a woman! Instead of the ancient Jewish prayer “Thank God You did not make me a woman!”, I would pray “Thank God You didn’t make me a man!”:smiley:

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