Women seek access to traditionally male-only Mormon gathering


"Women seeking priesthood in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints said they will attempt to attend a traditionally men-only leadership session of the church in Salt Lake City on Saturday, despite having been denied tickets.

The group, called Ordain Women, said it expected several hundred women from around the country to gather outside the LDS Conference Center in hopes that the Mormon church will offer them any unclaimed tickets to the priesthood session."

Oh! Oh! Isn’t it General Conference time again? Wonder if they will come up with any new prophecy.

Yes, it is that time again. My Facebook feed has been inundated with quotes and comments on General Conference. sigh

For the first time, they are broadcasting the priesthood session of conference live through BYU TV, so women can actually watch it at home with their husbands and sons. I am waiting for my Facebook news feed to be filled this evening with comments on the priesthood session from all my female Mormon friends.

No, no new prophecies, no new canonized revelations, no newly discovered and translated scriptural texts, etc.

130 women were there.


Oh that has been going on since before I was LDS. Nothing new.


Elder Hales…From the first session

“In our dispensation, the Savior Jesus Christ, referred to a gathering the Saints as my General Conference. Wherever we are in this world, however we receive these proceedings, I testify that we are gathered in his conference. I also testify that we will hear his word for he has said, “Whether it be by my own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.”

(one more quote to add to the they arent speaking their opinions argument)

No new temples.

Any new shopping malls?

I must say, it really is somewhat amusing to me to listen to Elder Andersen talk about the priesthood, what it is, why women can’t hold it, etc. I can’t help but think about the priesthood restriction, and how, if this talk was being given just a few decades ago, he definitely would not be able to talk about how priesthood blessings are available to all, when blacks were restricted from the priesthood and entering the temple. Sad.

So glad I have only had to deal with annoying posts on General Conference in my Facebook news feed. Otherwise no conference exposure. The weekend has been spent with my husband, babies and some ex Mormon friends. From what I gather, Uchtdorf spoke on people who leave the LDS church. I may read that when it’s posted. Living Waters, Andersen’s talk on the priesthood sounds interesting so I may check it out too.

anything they say is subject to change at any time

Exactly. That is why they will eventually ordain women to some kind of priesthood, though not necessarily the same as the men.

So nice to have all of this in my past…

Unless someone brings it up, I never realize it’s gc weekend 2x a year anymore…

Freedom is not to be haunted by one’s past by having it still part of one’s present … :smiley:


This is the talk you all want to read about.

yep…basically an admission, without meaning to, that they were not led by God…

all my friends are saying how this shows the church has “humility” and that the people in the church aren’t perfect but that the church is. Are we blind or just don’t want to see whats right in front of us.

The problem is, IF you are THE Church that claims your “prophet” talks to God, then you have very little room for error

Think LDS leadership will ever be courageous enough to delineate exactly what those mistakes were and who said what, etc etc?

Do they have that kind of spine? Do they have that kind of integrity? Credibility?

For all of their souls’ sake, I pray so.

And their leaders repeated said that Hill Cumorah, NY was the site of the great battle that killed a million people. Time to have integrity and excavate the land that they own or come clean and tell the Mormon people that the BoM is fiction.

I’ve said it before, it’s just time until one or more prophets renounce the LDS Church. I get the feeling more and more this could happen, especially as they are now admitting mistakes however unidentifiable they are. One can get a sense that the Holy Spirit is working with Mormons, leading them with faith and reason… to the Truth through the internet.


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