Women sue the NHS after their babies survive abortion


Women whose babies have survived abortions are receiving huge compensation payments after suing the NHS for “wrongful births”.

Six babies have grown into healthy children after surviving attempts to abort them, government figures have shown, while one other child survived the procedure but with brain damage.

Their parents, however, have been heavily compensated for the wrongful births of their children after they sued the NHS for negligence.



Only in America… smh


The cases this article is discussing aren’t in America…


“The wrongful birth of their babies…”

… I need to go into the other room before I say things that will get me banned…

…#^&#%^^@$%#$!^&$&^(&*^(%^JN$ WTRGFDRGQC@$DCC~!@%DV!^ @U$% VY# @^Y W…:mad:


If/when the women win their cases, their children should sue them for every penny they have, and then some.



That poor child with brain damage…
Does anyone where the children are (I presume in state care) and if they are happy


Have human beings always been this vile? What a loathsome group of women.

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It might as well be. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened here too.


From the article:

Of the 104 cases that have been fully settled, the majority – 51.9 per cent – involved parents who sued after giving birth to babies with disabilities or illnesses.

They took action on the basis that they would have aborted their children if their conditions had been picked up by pre-natal tests

Sorry, but had I known how you would turn out, I would have killed you? :confused:


Seriously. Where did the right “never to have to give birth to a baby who is less than completely healthy” come from?

Frankly, if they have any other children, they should be pretty scared, too. Obviously, unconditional love isn’t on offer. If I’m another child (and I have logical thinking ability), I’m wondering, “what if I get really sick? Will my parents want me dead, too? If not, how is it different?”

God help us.


P.S. Also, since the NHS is a government agency, they’re really just suing other taxpayers. And since they have government-paid health care in the UK, it’s not like the parents are going to need the money to provide health care for their children. AFAICT, it’s just for the “pain and suffering” resultant from the fact that a (in most cases) disabled child was allowed to live. There is so much deeply and tragically wrong with that it’s hard to know where to begin.


In my mind this seems like your suing someone because you tried to murder them but they ended up living.


Or in this case, you are suing the hit man who was supposed to kill them but failed to do so.


Or even more accurately in this case, you are suing all of society because a hit man hired by the government was supposed to kill them but failed to do so. :confused:


I don’t see what their dilemma is. Why don’t they just kill the babies with disabilities now?
In fact, why don’t we just get all the disabled or infirm of society together in a big group and… wait for it… *murder *them! It’d mean one less big responsibility off our hands. We could call it “Post-Birth Abortion,” or PBA for short. Don’t think of it as mass-genocide; think of it as freedom!

But seriously, I’m planning to say a prayer every night this month for all children declared “wrongfully born.”

*O my Jesus,
forgive us our sins,
save us from the fires of Hell; lead all souls to Heaven,
especially those most in need of Thy mercy.

Amen. *


Good idea friend, I will join you!!


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